A Look at “The Quarry”

A film by Scott Teems, The Quarry (2020) tells a flimsy story about a lawbreaking man (Shea Whigham) who inadvertently kills an alcoholic preacher and then assumes his identity.

Finely, sensitively directed and terrifically acted, the picture summons to the mind the question: Does one person’s forgiveness of another (for something evil) make actual sense? Then again, one of the themes here is the human need for divine or cosmic forgiveness. It seems necessary. Another explored theme is the soul’s clinging (the Bible would call it the flesh’s clinging) to what is wrong, no matter who or what is ruined.

Whigham’s performance is impeccable, and Michael Shannon is a knowing thespian par excellence. Catalina Sandino Moreno‘s acting is an understated pleasure, and Bobby Soto is compelling. Adapted from a novel, The Quarry is fundamentally religious, but in need of a better screenplay,

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