AA Big Book – Inspired by God?

Many people in Alcoholics Anonymous are, as they say “big book” thumpers… (Instead of “bible thumpers”) They believe that the Big Book has the answers to all of life’s questions. There has been some discussion about this over at the Oklahoma Addiction Network that I manage using the ning platform.

I believe that the 12 steps of recovery were certainly inspired by God and plan on discussing those over at my Christian Opinion site. But to say that the Big Book was actually written by God himself? That’s a matter of opinion… Which is what this blog is about anyways. LOL :)

But then there’s the Bible or the Koran.
Are they actually “holy” scriptures? Were either one of them literally written by God? This is also a matter of opinion. :)

I have heard it so many times that King James “messed up”
when he (his team of scholars) translated the bible to English. Of course is any Bible translation actually accurate?

But this post is about the Big Book(AA)… Not bible translation. And for a program that has worked for millions must be inspired by a higher power don’t you think?

One Response to “AA Big Book – Inspired by God?”

  • Mark Dickman:

    I believe that the 12 steps are interpretations of principles that exist in several God centered texts. And these are uniquely fitted to free the addict from their addiction. I don’t believe that the text of the Big Book is inspired.


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