Bachelorettes Behaving Badly: “Bachelorette”

The comic movie Bachelorette (2012) is slight.  Not slight-but-good, in my view; just slight.  And it shouldn’t be.

The three main women in the film (based on a play by Lesyle Headland, the movie’s director) are obnoxious and distasteful, two of whom (Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan) are cokeheads and one of whom (Kirsten Dunst) is simply bitchy.  Motivations for Fisher’s drugged-out behavior are naught but a mystery, and not much is done with Dunst’s character either.  Some of the movie’s scenes are amusing, and the acting is spot-on, but too often the film tries to get its laughs merely through obscene talk.  It’s a unremittingly profane film.  Indeed, profanity or not, for Regan (Dunst) to urge an overweight friend to adopt a vindictive “F**k everyone!” attitude is, or should be, offputting.

The very pretty Miss Kirsten is a good actress now, deserving better pictures than she has been in lately, Bachelorette included.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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