Came, Saw, Rescued: “The Finest Hours”

A Coast Guard boat attempts to rescue the men on a ruined oil tanker in Craig Gillespie‘s based-on-fact Disney film, The Finest Hours (2015), and when nature isn’t unpleasant in one way (a sea storm) it’s unpleasant in another (a blizzard).

Re the blizzard, it’s no holiday for Holliday—Holliday Grainger—when she’s out driving in it, worrying about her man, Joe Coast Guard (Chris Pine), out on the waves.  Here, the movie owes a trifle too much to The Perfect Storm (remember Diane Lane and Mark Wahlberg?), a lesser work, but at any rate there is a dab of visual poetry when the small boat shining a searchlight on the dark tanker is followed by a shot of Grainger’s car as the snowflakes fall.  Mostly, though, there is entertainment to be had.


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