Drug Testing For Welfare.

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They plan to put a stop to it. “Get those people treatment” So, I guess if your on food stamps or section 8 and you come up dirty.. Your CUT off.. Good luck, you’ll need it. Surely it’s not that bad is it? Perhaps they will give you a few chances… I dunno…

Of course the problem with that is alcohol is legal. And even if they do test you they would have to test you while you are drunk or shortly thereafter or it wouldn’t make any difference anyways…

It’s kind of like when human services comes to check your home to take your kids away…If they find some marijuana in your home they take the kid’s right then and there…But what if they find a couple of 1/2 gallons of vodka? No problem. You just have a nightcap here and there.

Of course you still have to take a drug test to hold a job…Almost anywhere. But you can still drown yourself in whiskey and work anywhere.. It’s a strange world isn’t it?

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Mary Jane and Stupidity.

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Hey man, lets go get “stupid”

That’s what one cat told me when he wanted to go smoke a joint one time… Sure I went and lit up and all but the term really made me consider things…
DOES pot make you stupid? Heck why do you think they call it “dope”

I have always thought it was a rather harmless drug… Alcohol seems to kill more innocent (and not so innocent) people…The war on pot seems never ending expensive and pointless.

But does it make you stupid? Well, I dunno… Dude, but I made straight D’s and some F’s in high school back in the DAZE! -I think cause I was high… Even the idiots in pineapple express realized that they couldn’t seem to get it together because they were so high… I guess they did in the end though…

Nobody thought that movie was funny did they
? Guess ya had to be high.. 🙂

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Love – Valentines and Addiction

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It’s almost Valentines day… My love seems to have gone down the drain.. I dunno… I need to learn how to live by myself and love myself… Even if it’s just a little..

So What’s Love Got to do with it anyways? Is it just a second hand emotion?

That thrill of “falling” seems to be what I am addicted to… Love addiction… It’s hard to handle ya know?

What to do on Valentines day?
Perhaps sit at home and read…That’s a good idea huh?

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Recreational Drug Use

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What drugs have you taken recreationaly?
How about a cohesive list!

  • Mary Jane
  • Whiskey
  • Beer
  • Acid
  • Coke
  • Crank
  • Exctacy
  • Pills (pain killers)
  • Pills (tranquilizers)
  • Ice
  • Crack
  • Mushrooms
  • Vodka
  • Tobacco

Now, when you go to the doctor for a check up do you ADMIT that you ingest all those things? “I only do it when I’m stressed doc”.

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Addiction to War and Violence?

I wonder how it came about that the guy with the biggest gun “keeps the peace” To say that by having superior weapons and more fighting power keeps war to a minimum is strange to me.

Oh we LOVE violence
.. We always have. The Romans fighting these gladiators in the bloody games. It was a form of entertainment. Now, it’s all in TV, movies and music.  Are we addicted to violence and war? I’d say yes… Do we need to be? I dunno?

Is it absolutely necessary that we be the biggest kid on the block? That we are capable of kicking ALL your asses so, show some respect. Is it necessary that we have enough bombs that we can destroy the world many times over? Isn’t one worldwide fireball enough?

Maybe I should buy a gun myself… I’d certainly shoot somebody who came in trying to take my computer away… Heck, how could I keep writing these silly blogs if some guy “takes” my stuff? I ain’t going out like that….

Boom boom, bang bang, lie down your DEAD. –Addiction

Do Church’s Accept Sinners?

It was pointed out to me tonight that the difference between Church and Alcoholics Anonymous is that AA accepts “sinners” (alcoholics) and tells them to keep coming back.

I would think that is the church’s job… Maybe this is the reason that people feel they need to “clean up” before they go to church.

AA also provides a “program” to change… One step at a time. The church seems to fail at helping people overcome their sins… Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing both..
Keep on coming back!