Traffic – The War on Drugs!

Watched the movie “Traffic” the other day… What a fun ride… People ratting and honor students getting high talking about the futility of society… One of the Kid’s dad was the main player on the war on drugs. He got to talk about it with the president. Figure out the plan to stop people from getting high.
There were cop’s and robbers and kingpins all making plans too. They all had an agenda. It just goes round and round.  It just keeps raging…For decades.
It’s Hollywood of course… But if that stuff is even close to being true then it should be enough to make people think. But you you can’t learn any lessons from Hollywood. Those Hollywood types are all wacky liberal homosexuals anyways..  They don’t have a clue… (sarcasm)
But great movie anyways. Check it out at the $5.00 bargain bin at your local Wal Mart… It’s worth every cent… And you can watch it over and over!

The Brady Bunch – Incest in Hollywood

I’m always hearing about one of the Brady Bunch’s or Mom getting it on with one of the kids and/or each other… Maybe the producer got in on some of the action.

  • Greg and Mom
  • Mom and Greg
  • Cindy and Peter
  • Greg and Dad
  • Marsha and Greg
  • Alice and the Butcher

I just can’t keep up with it all! Greg seen a lot of action… And there’s not even a  toilet in the shared bathroom of the kids’ Hey! my favorite episode is the one with the flying saucer.. I’m a spacey kind of guy, Ya Know?

Does Wearing a Ball Cap Make You Go Bald?

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When I finally got a job that allowed me to grow my hair out without any consequences I finally set out to do that…The problem was that my hair was always in my face. It was a horrible thing because it was not long enough to pull back into a ponytail.

The solution?
Put on a ball cap. I wore one for over a year until my hair was long enough to pull back out of my face. I became known at my new job as the dude that always wore that same hat. These new co workers thought it was something I always did…Wear a hat.

I told them I don’t ever wear a hat actually…That it just kept the hair out of my face….That’s good, they said…Because wearing a hat will make your hair fall out.

What? You gotta be kidding right?

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Email Forwards. Jokes and Chain Letters.

Here is a joke for you…
Why did the Chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.

Now forward that to all of your friend’s emails and cell phones and you will be rewarded 10,000,000 before you go to bed tomorrow night. Really, this a real deal… It has been PROVEN! Don’t miss YOUR chance.

There are so many folks that sit around for hours forwarding jokes to people. I assume many of them are tweakers that don’t have much to do all day… And night.

Gee I make sure and forward ALL of them… Maybe I should post them on my blogs as well… Perhaps this will DOUBLE my rewards.

Was Rolling Stone Brian Jones Murdered?

Brian Jones was one talented cat. Those early Stones songs are my personal favorite from Mick and the boys. I assumed he simply died of to much pleasure of the brain induced by drugs like all the rest of those rock and roll addicts.

After seeing the movie “Stoned” it brings up new ideas…That the guy that worked for him after he was fired from the stones killed him. According to the movie this Brian drove this guy to the edge with crazy mind games of sex and inferiority…  I dunno… Wacky stuff…

That movie was kinda weak anyways…

Is Jim Morrison Really Dead?

I’m going but I need a little time… I promised I would drown myself in mystic heated wine.

Jim (my hero) was found dead in a bathtub.
He was living in Paris  and is now buried over there in some famous graveyard.They want to kick him out because all the heathens are always in there defacing stuff. Does he even deserve to be in that graveyard?

I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe he has just as much talent as the rest of the famous people buried there. There shouldn’t be a restriction on who get’s buried where should there?

People believe that Jim is not really dead…That he simply got tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and southern comfort that he plotted his own death to “escape” Now he just chills at the beach or something. Maybe ghost writing for somebody between glasses of booze and hangovers.

Strange Days…

Now Elvis is buried in his backyard… But he may not be dead either…