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Play the Lottery - Get Rich

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Do you want money? Do you want to be rich? Perhaps this would solve all my problems and make me happy in life. That’s why I love to gamble and play the lottery. Daily. Well, maybe 😉

I have heard however, that winners of the lottery are sometimes suicidal and miserable… Or they have to change everything about their life by going into hiding because so many people want a piece of that money…

So maybe if you win the lottery or the publisher clearing house (does that still exist?) all your dreams would come true! Think about it:
You could have:

  • Endless entertainment
  • Sport’s cars
  • Boats
  • Houses
  • Planes
  • Trucks
  • Alienware
  • Stock in Google
  • Your very own McDonalds
  • Maids
  • ETC etc etc

What would YOU buy if you won the lottery?
Remember, Money can’t buy you love.
Or that’s what they say 🙂

Black Friday For Poor People

 People are going to go crazy pretty soon to get all that cheap stuff since the economy seems to be in the toilet. You won’t see me out there I’m sure… I’ll be in here watching TV and enjoying some diet coke.

Oh I may go look at some people
. See what’s going on out there as I will be up super late on Thursday… I’ll be attending late night meetings and burning candles at both ends.

What are some good deals out there? Anybody know what a poor ghetto blogger can do to have a decent Christmas with his girl and 6 kids?

So now you know why I have a “donation” button on this blog…As well as Google Absence ad’s that don’t pay anything… I just want to be able to get my kid’s a few stocking stuffers.. You dig?

Economy Failure – Do you like your job?

The economy is failing. The government is spending hundreds of billions to help the banks not go belly up. Gee it sure is strange times. And they ( the banks)  say it’s “not enough” Can we put a calculator to that?

My own economy is failing after being laid off. And with unemployment rising I am getting more and more happy about my current job. Even though I don’t make as much at least I have a job. And that’s more than a lot of people have.

We are all bracing for impact… The economy sucks and there is little we or the Bush administration can do about it… Maybe the Obama administration can help us little guys out. Us poor people want our kids to have a Christmas too.

How to Retire Now

I just saw a license plate that reads: DNWRKN. Wow wouldn’t that be cool? I know a lot of people that seemed to have been able to get on SSI… Many of them in their 30’s or 40’s. I was thinking WOW, I could blog all day long and REALLY get some notoriety.

I was unemployed for a few months. It really sucked… It still does actually because I had to take a cut in pay for a new job. But what I would like to do is RETIRE NOW! Just sit around, blog, and watch TV…What a life.

But I just gotta keep on trucking… I got no time to retire now. Besides my back feels just fine and SSI takes years to get approved anyways. How would I live until then?

Is your spam box full of ways to RETIRE NOW?

Prozac – Psych Med’s and Doctors

Lots of people are feeling blue these days… Pharmaceutical companies are raking in the profits for psych med’s. It’s a very controversial thing… Many believe that the drug companies are in cahoots with the politicians and the doctors are in cahoots with the drug companies and it’s all about money… Not about getting people well..

I could give a review of Prozac. I took it for a while after my wife died… I was feeling about as blue as a boy can be. I was amazed by how much better I felt … I was happier..  I had headaches, but as I kept taking it the headaches faded…

Happy pills… But then through other trials in life I would stop and then start and then try to “catch up” by taking a double dose or something…This caused other emotions and problems… Then I was prescribed another drug… Abilify.. Which made me feel like I was walking in a swamp or something… Then depekote which made me feel tired..

Now I don’t take ANY med’s at all except some asprin or allergy medicine… Clean living… Let’s be natural… But if you do need the med’s…Better take it as the doctor ordered… You could end up crazier than before… Been there done that…

Rich or Poor. Which is Better?

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the gap between them widens every day.

Is there anything really wrong with that. I guess it’s something that we just have to accept. Some people are pron to be filthy rich and others to to be dirt poor.

It seems the rich have:

  • Less worries
  • More fun
  • Get away with more crimes
  • Eat better food
  • Have better health
  • Are less bored
  • Have more power
  • Are more intelligent (educated)
  • Live longer
  • Are just more “happy”

Is this just a myth?

Now I suppose the poor resent this. They have to struggle to get through this life and it sucks for them… So rich people, I assume, are considered “the enemy” Perhaps they turn to crime to get some for themselves. I’ll just “take what you have” What’s mine in mine and what’s YOURS is mine too…

Then the rich folks are understandably scared of poor robbers and thus protect themselves to insure these “bad people” don’t get my money and stuff. It’s a vicious circle.

Now, are politics for the rich and government for the poor? That’s another issue entirely.