Neal P Hutto – Tulsa Oklahoma Hipster – A Tribute.

I'm here..Somewhere.This post goes out to my good friend and musical colleague Neal Hutto. We were hipsters back in the day and remained good friends throughout the 90’s and beyond till his death in 2010.

Our History

Neal and I went to Carver Middle School together here in Tulsa Oklahoma.  He was a talented musician then…And  a hipster… I was a dork. But with his help and the influence of other hipsters I sorta became hip myself.

We drifted apart and I did not see him again unitl the early 90’s when he was the MC of a open stage night at the Eclipse club in Tulsa.  I used to get up on that stage every Tuesday with my guitar and cheap beer and sing my little heart out.. Ya know?  Memories Continue reading “Neal P Hutto – Tulsa Oklahoma Hipster – A Tribute.”

ARZ – Prog Rock Duo – Progressive Rock is Alive and Well

ARZ ARZ is a progressive rock band from Portland Oregon.   These guys are crazy talented.   Reminds me of back in the day when I was a big Rush fan. The music sounds similar and just as tight… But with only 2 people.

From what I have heard so far these guys have got to be the hardest working musicians in Portland…  They are currently working on a new record and already have several projects going at the same time… They also play live in several bands throughout town,  are music teachers and both are working on independent recording projects.

If you check out the video posted you can see the winding arrangements and complex instrumentation…All done LIVE by 2 people… And it’s incredibly tight.  The song is way catchy too. Continue reading “ARZ – Prog Rock Duo – Progressive Rock is Alive and Well”

Are The Beatles Overrated?

Beatles Suck?I was talking with this musician. He said he didn’t like the Beatles. He said that he only likes maybe 3 or 4 good songs from their entire catalog. Wing’s stuff included.

“They are overrated.” He said

I said.”What?”

“You heard me.”

I guess so.  I was practicing some selective hearing there. It always freaks me out when I hear that kind of thing. Only 3 good songs.  Very strange. Continue reading “Are The Beatles Overrated?”

High School Musical 3

Dean's Movie Review

So many dubious words have been written about this Disney lark, sequel to the TV specials, that I decided to respond with my own review.

Now a big-screen item, the movie benefits from having mainly the same cast as the debut “HSM” and “HSM2,” the former of which I have seen (and enjoyed), the latter of which I haven’t. I’m not a good judge of choreography but that which Kenny Ortega, the film’s director, and two others have provided seems impressive to me. Continue reading “High School Musical 3”

Rolling Stones – Satanists?

Satan made me do it
Image by danny.hammontree via Flickr

I wrote a short post year ago about the Rolling Stones . Asking if they worship Satan or something. I remember when I was an early teen there used to be “tent revivals” and ministries run through town and talk about the evil of rock  music. Continue reading “Rolling Stones – Satanists?”