Vote Democrat – A Post Election Day Observation

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I was doing a Google search for “Vote Democrat” on Election Day. I was wondering what would come up. Now that the mid term is over I can go ahead and write a little something about it. So how were the results?

Vote Democrat

I’m sure you can guess how the hipster voted but I wanted to know what kind of information would come up if I did this search on Google. The first site to come up was the official democrat site of course. Gee I would hope so. Check out more »

Obama Smoking Religious Status

Obama is still smoking … I commented about this during the election. That they would need a white house smoke hole.

I know this because I heard on the news he had went to the doctor for his physical and they recommened that he “continue to try and quit”

Now how is he supposed to do that given the stress of his job? I just know I’d be a smoking fool if I had that job… You dig?

Well my 1st  question today is what brand does he smoke? Is he like me and smoke the homegrown ghetto brand from the Indian smoke shop. It’s just as good as a camel once you get 1/2 way through the first carton.

Hey, folks consider him the messiah or something right? How can he do that if he is smoking? (And paying the subsequent “sin tax”)

Oh wait, many consider him to be the anti christ.

Well, which one is it man? Let the hipster know….

A Beer with Obama

Well, I guess that guy’s pretty cool huh? Having a cold one talking about things… You know he smokes cig’s too…Beer makes you wanna smoke so I’m sure if he was having a bud light he probably sneaked a smoke on the side.

It’s funny you can have a bit of alcohol and attempt to take on the worlds problems…As the whiskey rises to your head the fierce determination to succeed comes with it…Drunk and 10 feet tall.

But the bottle can let ya down. To much of anything is to much of everything. But, having a beer and some big plans can’t be all bad.. Go Obama… This bud’s for you…

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