Oklahoman for Obama? Weird.

McCain is behind Obama in the polls… Is it Sarahs fault?

I know it’s a hard thing to face up to. It looks like McCain is going to LOSE. Oklahomans will no doubt have difficulty facing this fact. Oh my God… A black president…What’s the world coming to?

Tonight is the “town hall” debate between those 2 guys. I’ll probably watch some (10 mins maybe) of it and enjoy the show. Heck, the Shield’s new episode is tonight.. I don’t wanna miss that now do I?

I’m gonna be one of the few in OK to vote for Obama. In fact, I’ll vote like I always do. Straight democratic party voting. – The party… Not the man… 🙂 I guess that sounds pretty crazy huh? Like I hear before from so many friends. “Your vote ain’t gonna make no difference anyways.” But I still have to go do it… Ya dig?

I’ll probably keep bloging on politics until this mess is over
… It’s just way to juicy to let it alone… I am look forward to going back to some pop culture rumours and weird things I may see at Wal Mart however.

Peace and flowers

Biden and Palin The Great Debate

A lot of fun this election year. I got to watch the 2nd half of the vice presidential debate on TV Thursday night… It was a lot of fun. Many people are saying that Palin won. I dunno.

He had on a nice suit and she had some killer red shoes.
That’s what I noticed… And of course Palin was looking good as ever. Smiling and talking with that sweet little northern accent. As David Letterman was saying later… Biden was probably imagining her up there naked…Heck wouldn’t YOU?

What is this country going to do? I’m looking forward to finding out…It’s got to get better than what it is… When you hit bottom there’s no where to go but up right?

Will it be McCain and Palin the “Mavericks For Change”
That’s funny…Both camps realize they have to preach change because everybody can’t stand the Bush/Chaney show. It’s time to switch channels… Even Bush’s own party realizes that.

I’m glad the George Bush Show is almost over. But will the new cast really be any better. The Obama camp says it will be just “more of the same” Oh no….Anything but that. If McCain does win I hope he is a “maverick” as Palin claims. Change is good.

Do an “Arby’s” “Different is Better”

McCain Blames Obama for the Failed Bailout?

The McCain camp says Obama infused debate with ‘necessary partisanship‘ as the bailout fails. Hmmm? Like Obama had anything to do with that mess. I suppose the Republicans are going to spin this great depression stuff on to the democrates somehow.

What the heck is partisanship anyways?

These banks , wall street and Bush economic polocies are crazy. I remember when bush did away with bankruptcy awhile back. Or, he made it harder and more expensive for us poor folks to file it…The credit card companies praised his work on this matter..

Around the same time I remember Bush trying to take my overtime away. Oh, he said I could work it… Just not get paid the time and 1/2. Lets just screw the hell out of us poor working people…Fortunately it didn’t pass the way he wanted it. I still get my overtime to be able to afford a cup of Starbucks once a week.

With this kind of crap going on I don’t see how McCain can win.. Right here at the end of Bush’s term we are going to hell in a handbasket. A financial crisis is at hand… No matter what Obama did or says.

So What’s up?
Most people see the banks getting what they diserve anyways for loaning money carelessly to people (like myself) who can’t afford to pay it back. Shame on me…

Maybe the government should hand over a few K to bail me out!

Is McCain a Chicken Sh*t?

I heard on the radio today that the debate was on again… Apparently McCain was gonna chicken out or something… Is he afraid of that black dude?

I also heard that he backed out of being a guest on the David Letterman show. Man that old guy is a trip huh? He just can’t seem to get it together…

I gotta admit he did good getting that young hottie as his running mate however. That sure stirred up a lot of juice. It was a brilliant move. But with everything that George Jr has done in the past eight years has destroyed his chances of winning.

Please, What are your thoughts? What is he scared of?

Obama Loser? Palin’s Looks may Overcome

What the heck was he thinking anyways? Picking that guy as his running mate.I don’t know.. I guess that guy, Biden, is ok. A political veteran…Been in the game for a long time. He “could run the country” if needed. Or so I’ve heard. But anybody could do better than Bush Jr.

But his opponent in the primaries, Mrs. Clinton got something like 9 million votes right?

He should have picked her.

But he thought I could win this bad boy on his own I guess. Now with the Republicans bringing in that Foxy Alaskan governor it’s REALLY up in the air.. I mean that Palin chick is pretty fine ya know? Looks do matter in this crazy world.

I wonder who would have won between Palin and Clinton?

File Sharing

Everybody does it I guess… Of course you can buy cheap music from sites other than the big ones…I believe they are hosted in Russia or something.
Like this one.

The Limewire experience sucks anyways… Tons of fake files and viruses…Tons of duplicate files and other risky junk from that horrible network of computer pirates.

But of course the music industry pushed for all of this digital crap..Right? They wanted to move forward with CD’s and put cassettes and vinyl records out the window for-ever…. Now that stuff is easy duplicated at full quality and shared… With Everyone…Worldwide.

You want U2’s complete catalog?
It’s there for the taking… If you want to take the risk… And or course it’s morally wong and illegal…Agreed?