Do Men With Long Hair Shame Themeselves?

Is long hair unacceptable to church people?

1 Corinthians 11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?
15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

What do ya’ll think about that? Didn’t Samson have long hair? He was kind of a knucklehead tho huh? A muscle head.  A lump head that got played by a chick… Some people in church’s  still believe that it’s a SIN to have long hair.

I bet earrings or tattoos are right out huh?

Do Church’s Accept Sinners?

It was pointed out to me tonight that the difference between Church and Alcoholics Anonymous is that AA accepts “sinners” (alcoholics) and tells them to keep coming back.

I would think that is the church’s job… Maybe this is the reason that people feel they need to “clean up” before they go to church.

AA also provides a “program” to change… One step at a time. The church seems to fail at helping people overcome their sins… Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing both..
Keep on coming back!

Is Obama the Anti Christ?

This guy was telling me that Barak Obama was the anti Christ. He said that it was predicted in the Bible that he would come and lead the world into Armageddon… That is the last world war that destroys the entire earth.

He said it was predicted that the world would end in the year 2012
and that coinsideds with the Obama term. Isn’t that strange?

He said it all fits together because his Dad was a Muslim
(and so is he) and that his relationship with shady terrorists confirms it all. It’s a strage world huh?

Creationism Vs. Darwinism

We had some big names teaching about the Darwin view of the beginning of mankind here in Tulsa recently. You know how the servival of the fittest. It’s the view comonly taught in schools. That’s why the Christian folks don’t want to send their kids to public schools. They believe that the teachers are going to teach something to their kids that is “evil”

Thus came the home schooling which is another topic altogether.

Did man evolve from monkeys? That is the Darwin view. That we can scientifically get the answers to what happened and why we are here. Of course science has yet to offer a plan for “eternal life”.. But then many peoples life sucks so munch anyways that they wouldn’t want to live forever anyways.

Or were we created by a “higher power” simply by his “word”… That is the other view. To be created and loved by a supreme being to honor and worship Him.   They offer eternal life to those who believe. But if you don’t then you get a permanent vacation in a “lake of fire” But either way you live forever.

Why am I here? To blog about it. You didn’t think you would actually find any answers to these questions here on this blog did you? Cause I ain’t got any… 🙂

AA Big Book – Inspired by God?

Many people in Alcoholics Anonymous are, as they say “big book” thumpers… (Instead of “bible thumpers”) They believe that the Big Book has the answers to all of life’s questions. There has been some discussion about this over at the Oklahoma Addiction Network that I manage using the ning platform.

I believe that the 12 steps of recovery were certainly inspired by God and plan on discussing those over at my Christian Opinion site. But to say that the Big Book was actually written by God himself? That’s a matter of opinion… Which is what this blog is about anyways. LOL 🙂

But then there’s the Bible or the Koran.
Are they actually “holy” scriptures? Were either one of them literally written by God? This is also a matter of opinion. 🙂

I have heard it so many times that King James “messed up”
when he (his team of scholars) translated the bible to English. Of course is any Bible translation actually accurate?

But this post is about the Big Book(AA)… Not bible translation. And for a program that has worked for millions must be inspired by a higher power don’t you think?

The Fading Christian Church?

Do you ever go church hopping? That is shopping around every week to a different church to see what it’s like. It is often hard to find a church that you can connect to and feel your making a difference for the “kingdom” -If that is your calling/goal.

Most of the time when I visit a new church the service is ½ empty. They often have huge sanctuaries’ that were built back when the church was much bigger. They will often have huge numbers of members on the books but they are obviously not sitting in the pew’s. Isn’t that strange?

I have heard it said that if the church doesn’t change soon then it will cease to exist within the next few decades. Church as we know it will be no more. Those Godly looking buildings, steeples, bells, fiery sermons and organs…You know, all that wacky stuff..

What can a believer in God do about this sort of thing? Why not just sit around on Sunday mornings and watch some entertaining Christian TV? You could make a little party out of it and have some friends over with some snacks to enjoy the show.

It’s nothing but a good time.