What Questions Would You Ask the Aliens?

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If I had some alien’s drop by my crib I’d have to bust out with some questions.

Would’t you?

Yep, those  Extraterrestrial Beings… You know, those guys with the big heads, small bodies and glittering eyes.

I’d ask them a few things:

  • What planet are you from?
  • Is the food good?
  • Is  pot legal there?
  • How is the political system?
  • Do you have homeless shelters?
  • Do ya’ll believe in Jesus?  Or Mohammad?
  • Is rap music more popular than rock music on your planet?
  • Does you economy tank too?
  • Does your government want to take away your ray guns?
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • Do you have sex? What kind?
  • Ginger or MaryAnn?

The list just goes on and on…And with all the technology they have they must have all the answers… Ya think?

Come on guys… We need a little help here on planet earth… Ya think?

What questions would YOU ask the Aliens?

Social Anxiety Disorder? A review of symptoms.

You ever heard of Social Anxiety Disorder? There are just so many of them these days… I like to pick and choose which one I could possible be… I often ask friends to go ahead and “diagnose” me… Know what I’m sayin?

Allow me to consider the symptoms one by one:

  • Eating or drinking in front of others. I’m sure I’ll spill something all over my clothes or smack my food…
  • Writing or working in front of others.– They are always looking over my shoulder ready to suggest something I can do better.
  • Being the center of attention. OMG everybody’s staring at me.
  • Interacting with people, including dating or going to parties. I can’t wait till this party/date is over so I can get home and be by myself.
  • Asking questions or giving reports in groups. They will think my ideas are ridiculous. Or downright stupid.
  • Using public toilets. – Your kidding right? Home or Quiktrip stores are the only options.
  • Talking on the telephone. Honey, can you call in sick for me?

Perhaps some self medicating Vodka could be the cure? Or would that make it worse? Don’t believe everything you think.

What is Deja  Vu?

Déjà vu – I think I been here before!

DeJa Vu – That feeling…  you know? I am trying to wrap my mind around it.

Does it feels likeYOU been here before?

I just can’t place the time, season, emotion or drama.

Did it involve drama? You know how we LOVE drama! If your looking for it.. Yer gonna find it.  Always.

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I love deja vu.  Especially when it brings back memories of wickedness and debauchery. Helps me keep me on my toe’s.. Ya know?

It’s good to feel like you been feeling like you been feeling. Wow… I think I feel like I been here before.

You know what? I have been here before.

Have you?

Are Horoscopes True? YOUR future.

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When you read the horoscope in the daily newspaper to you consider it to be true? Do you tend to make decisions based on what it says?  How does these ancient art tell your future?

It’s all just clean fun. You pick it up.. Read it, It talks like, right at you huh? I’m one of those groovy cusp guys.. Virgo/Libra.  I have not read my horoscope in years.  But then again I think I read it last week.  Maybe next time it will tell me when I should read it again.

The thing is usually so grey tho… I want to read one and it just have the winning numbers for the lottery…Now would’t that be an amazing forecast?  Life would be so much better. Now wouldn’t it?