Christmas – A Pagan Holiday?

My cousin told me a few years back that Christmas was actually a “pagan” holiday. Or that it was actually a “festival” for the farmers because they knew winter was coming and it kind of sucked for them and they decided to throw a big party to brighten their gloom.

You ever heard about something like that?

Christmas is fun…For the kids… But for us parents it’s a bit of a pain in the you know what… Do you agree?

2 Responses to “Christmas – A Pagan Holiday?”

  • Dan:

    Yeah it’s true. In a region in Europe, people were pagan, and the festival was to celebrate the winter solstice. That’s why it’s in late Decemeber to early January. Then, came the spread of Christianity , and a group of clergymen decided to ‘christianize’ this holiday. The pagan tradition is heavily influenced on the christmas we see today. It’s a mixture of pinetrees, santa clause, jesus christ, and fictional characters from the 20th century like rudolph in frosty. It makes no sense.

  • Sam:

    I think all the christian holidays are pagan holidays. They don’t make any sense to me. Especially Easter.


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