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Thanks For Visiting the Hip Opinion

Yo, I started this blog late in 2007. I had big and small plans for this trip. I have posted, not posted, read books, let it sit for weeks, dreamed and broke it down to what it is..   An Opinion.  Haha…

But here she is… Siting on the internet getting looked at by good hipsters like YOU!

So since your here let’s make a deal.

I am looking for bloggers (or anybody) who would like to add content to this site. I dream of making this the hippest site on the internet. (yea, right) I have made it as friendly as possible to let others add comments and talk about all this wacky stuff I enjoy pondering.  The comment field has link love installed for ya to link back to your site automatically. (You experienced blogger types already saw that I’m sure)

Here’s the Deal

  • Comment anytime for a back link
  • If you post something on your blog and link to mine.. I’ll return the favor. I may do it anyways because I often link to other small (and/or famous) blogs.
  • You write a guest post for my blog. I’ll write one for yours.
  • You tell me to “F” off.  I’ll say.. Uh.. OK.

Yo Dave…Why would I want to do THAT?
You only have a page rank of  “one” ….Dude.

Yeah, yeah…I know. I’d like to change that.  I can say,  however, that I hold the #1 position for “controversial opinions” in the BIG “G”.  I have no idea why…But check it yerself…  Those cat’s must like the hipster.

I also hold page 1 rankings for certain controversial (funny actually) posts. Again, I have no idea why.  The O. G.  must like the kid..You dig?

Because of this… I get traffic. But I want more… More!!

So… wassup? Can we be friends? Drop me a message and let’s jam.  Follow me and I’ll follow you.  Help a brotha out… Lets make a deal :)

Thanks for kickin’ with me today


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