Did Green Day Sell Out?


Without money

Image by Toban Black via Flickr


Greenday just keeps busting out records that sell millions.  But did they “sell out“? OMG!

You know, cash in BIG –  at the expense of the punks.   Becoming teen idols and pop rock celebrities.

Hey I like them Dudes


If it wern’t for the “dookie” record, I never would have known any of thier stuff… But then I haven’t heard any of the stuff before they became famous either. Hmmmm?

Gee those guys a freaking rich… huh?


I heard that the leader…(The guitar player)


I can’t remember his name…The one that wears ‘guy liner’

He let’s the punk kid’s hang out at his house. They are all in the yard and tree’s and stuff. Heckling passerby’s,  flippin over cars, yelling and drinking, cussing and spitting. You know… All that punk stuff.


Is any of that true?

Who knows? I read it on the internet… Whatever


So, if  it is true.

Is this mentality reflected in the new Greenday songs?

Or are they getting *SOFT* ” You know,  looking pretty in makeup and talking hard core but living phat.


Is there anything with making a little money?

Let me think about that for a min…. Is there anything wrong with…. hmmmm?
Uh….  nope


Wake me up… When September ends….Will ya? And slide a ex punk rocker turned psudo 40’esh hipster some love.  It’s time to get some attitude boys.


Those kid’s from from 924 Gilman Street.


  • No drugs
  • No alcohol
  • No violence


It’s ALL GOOD :)

It something I read about on the internet..



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