Does a Flu Shot Give You the Flu?

flu shot
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Here we are: FLU season.  So, here’s the question of the day.
Are you going to get a flu shot this year?
No man, when you get a flu shot and it GIVES you the flu!


You go get a flu vaccine.

Later that day — You got the fu. PERIOD.

Now, if you ask your doctor, nurse, pharmacist etc. They will all tell you that it’s not true.  I did a Google search, the results?

It’s a myth. See what I mean?

OK. Now go bust out that info on a true believer.

I personally have met and know score’s of people that hold to this conviction. They refuse to get a flu shot because it will make them sick.

Get a shot:
This is what happens:

  • Fever (usually high)
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Dry cough
  • Bed rest. You ain’t going nowhere.

All the family, friends and acquaintance’s that hold this view I have total respect for.  It has not happened to me.  But if it did I’d join their camp.

With bells on.

My Flu Shot Method

  • I only get it if it’s cheap or free.  (It is a gamble, right?)
  • I take a good dose of Ibuprofen before its administered
  • I tell myself: “This will keep me healthy – It’s a good thing”
  • I only do ONE per year. (Whats this 2 and 3 stuff?)
  • I take the day off  —  “just in case”

I asked a friend recently if he was gonna get a flu shot this year.

Ya know what he said?

Not just no….But HELL NO!

Sometimes ya gotta just go with the gut. You dig?

One Response to “Does a Flu Shot Give You the Flu?”

  • Gillion:

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    if your cough persists, seek professional help such as traditional Chinese medicine physicians – I have had very good experiences with them.


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