Economy Failure – Do you like your job?

The economy is failing. The government is spending hundreds of billions to help the banks not go belly up. Gee it sure is strange times. And they ( the banks)  say it’s “not enough” Can we put a calculator to that?

My own economy is failing after being laid off. And with unemployment rising I am getting more and more happy about my current job. Even though I don’t make as much at least I have a job. And that’s more than a lot of people have.

We are all bracing for impact… The economy sucks and there is little we or the Bush administration can do about it… Maybe the Obama administration can help us little guys out. Us poor people want our kids to have a Christmas too.

One Response to “Economy Failure – Do you like your job?”

  • It is really frustrating that the economy is failing. There are many people are affected with this. Most of folks couldn’t be able to get work because of this situation. Government must solve this problem.


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