Furious Fun: “Furious 7”

1. Okay, so we see the ultimate that a movie can do with cars—in Furious 7 (2015), the seventh The Fast and the Furious pic—when five sleek autos drive out of a plane and drop by parachute to the mountain road below.  Subsequently, of course, the drivers zoom them away.  Talk about durability.

Don’t think the parachute drop is the stupidest thing in the movie.  It’s just the most visually fun, in a concoction with a lot of amusement-park visuals.

2. Furious 7 brought me back to my natural appreciation for dark-skinned young women in the form of Ramsey, the computer hacker played by black-and-British Nathalie Emmanuel.  Nice to see you nudged out of the way, Michelle Rodriguez (Letty).  Emmanuel is before us, good looks, sensitive face and all.  And, yes, after all the life-threatening peril, her character is pleased to slip into a bikini for a while.  What’s more, she’s too good for that boring imbecile enacted by Tyrese Gibson.

3. Cold reality, man:  Paul Walker (Brian) died in a horrifying car wreck.  The movie is dedicated to him.  Paul, you will be missed.



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