Immigration (Raspail’s Novel Again)

Not long ago I posted a review of Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, in which 1970s France becomes overrun with the Indian immigrants with whom it cannot bear to get aggressive.  To look at present circumstances in the United States is to marvel at how prescient the novel is, since added to the number of border-crossing families are numerous children and teenagers reportedly seeking asylum.  But how many people want them deported?  The “beast” doesn’t (see Raspail’s book).  It wants them to live and receive amnesty here.

Yes, compassion should be shown to these kids, but . . . if they’re simply refugees from Honduras and El Salvadore, why didn’t they hide out in Mexico?  Others have already answered that question:  The kids believe they’ll be allowed to stay here (for good).  In Camp of the Saints, the India people have no illusions about their ability to stay in bewildered France.


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