Is Smoking Cigarettes Bad for You?

In a word: YES! Smoking is bad for you…Ask any smoker…They (we) all know this. And we are all trying to quit. That would be almost 50 million of us that know it’s bad… And yet we keep doing it… What a trip!

How do you know it’s bad? It says (in effect) that it will kill you right on the side of the pack… Smoking contains carbon monoxide… Isn’t that deadly?

Many cigarette companies offer little pamphlets in the pack or carton that offer websites and tools to help you quit… Perhaps even THEY know it’s bad for you. Go figure… Or it may be that they have been in hot water before because of lawsuits. They knew it kills people and is very addictive…And they made it more addictive. So are they responsible? I don’t know..We smokers already know it’s bad for you… Right?

Gee after typing all that I need a smoke…

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