Jenks OK Football. A Scandal?

We have one of the geatest high school football teams in the nation. Jenk’s OK Trojans. Simply put… We kick some booty.

Apparently they broke some rules by having a player on the team last year (2008) that didn’t actually live in the district and now we have to forfeit last years wins.

I understand that a parent of another player felt his kid was being shortchanged by allowing this kid to be on the team and letting him play in more games.  So he wrote some anonymous emails to get the team in trouble… Oh the humanity..

Gee I hope that word doesn’t get out as to who actually turned in this atrocity… Nobody likes a tattle tale. 

So whatta ya think? Did they actually do wrong?

2 Responses to “Jenks OK Football. A Scandal?”

  • emmm.:

    YES, YES, YES!
    that whole school is only worried about being other people in sports, they arent making any of the kids better people. they are all cheaters, and will do anything it takes to win. yes winning is nice but its better when you know its an honest win, not a cheated win.

  • Bo Jenks Maroon 5th-6th grade:

    All football programs are doing this.. I mean, look around the nation, everyone is. Do you really think those high schools in Florida and California aren’t doing this? They have 5-8 players going D-1A every year. That doesn’t just happen. They recruit!!! Having one player on a team from another county really isn’t that bad.. And just fruit for thought: Was there any problems between the inelligable player and the football program he was supposed to play for…?
    By the way, emmm. the person who posted the first response, probably attends a high school that isn’t worth shining Jenks’ cleats before they step on the field…


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