Jesus Faked It?

You know those guys back then could put themselves into a “trance” literally mimicking death. So Jesus was doing this on the cross and was taken down and put in that grave believing he was dead.

Then a few days later he showed up at his apostles house… They told him “dude, if you don’t get the hell outta town they are going to CHOP your head off. So Jesus ran off and so the legend was born.. Ya ever heard that story?

One Response to “Jesus Faked It?”

  • Clyde D:

    yes there are people who wile in perfect health can slow there matabalizim down. But I’m not shure if there is any mind dissipend enough to perform that task after having the flesh torn from there body; or continue after being nailed to a cross; or having there side peired by a spear. If Yashua was capable of this feat of mental dissiplen he would still be the greattest Guru or sage that ever lived and still historicly unignorable.
    However what made Christ imortal was his message ,a message that seams unforgivable in this world. Through out even resent history we see how dangerous it is to sudgest we be nice to each other Gandi ,Martan Luthar King, even John Lennon paid the penalty for asking people to stop killing each other.
    I would go so far as to say the resurection of Yashua in the phisical plain is not important ,the resurection of Christ in the hearts of the people that witnessed the brutality of his troucherous death and continued his message in the face of certan simular treatment. That is the true miracle.


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