Lose your cell? You Contacts? Your Life?

My cell phone is prob laying around on the street somewhere..  Ya know… I lost it… I was texting and driving and chatting and driving and trying to check the latest news of all my hipster friends… I mean I was away from my computer after all.  What’s a guy supposed to do?

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So… Ya know… I got out of the car somewhere to get some gas or eat breakfast or something and it must of  fell out of the hole in my pocket.  My coats about 10 years old and I don’t have a tailor or sowing machine.  It’s just a theory… I simply have no idea….

Here comes the panic!

Where’s my cell phone???

Oh my god!! What am I gonna do?? I may be getting a VERY important call, text or astrological update RIGHT NOW!!!!  Uh… (looking everywhere)… It’s gone!!!

Did you have insurance on the phone??

Who the hell cares??? Money has nothing to do with it.. It’s all about missing the latest forwarded joke…Right? I gotta get a new one.. IMMEDIATELY!

So here it is New Years Day..  (oh the humanity) No phone for over 24 straight!

Well I had been ranting on FB about how all the hipsters have these cool Iphones and stuff and how I been trying to “fake it” by getting something that looks big from the ghetto carrier I use…. I got one a few weeks back but it crashed… It was kinna weak…

So because of all this “drama” I went ahead and got the I-phone “copy cat” that they offer and was pleasantly surprised…  Now I feel pretty freakin’ cool like the rest of you cats…


All my contacts are gone!

I didn’t do any kind of backup so now when I get a call or a text it looks like this:   From: 918 555 5433.

Who the heck is that?  Let me try to figure it out.. Hmmm? I dunno? It’s like…

“Hi Dave, how’s it goin”
Pretty good
You have a good weekend?
Yeah.. So..Who is this?
Oh you know who this is….
Uh… No I don’t

It’s gonna be a long week…But hey… At least I LOOK cool.

6 Responses to “Lose your cell? You Contacts? Your Life?”

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  • That is funny Dave, every time you get text message and you try to figure out who the sender is. You try to keep on giving out names, and it’s wrong every time. LOL. But it is sad to lose a cell phone, all the important contacts and valued messages are there. But, hey, that might be a blessing in disguise, a new phone for a new year! How cool is that?

  • I hate losing or having to change my phone – it’s such a paid transferring contacts and just getting used to your new handset. And it is true Dave what you are saying, and cellphones do become your life and in a way it is an extention of your body. Scary really!

  • I have had a personal experience with a similar situation. I had the presence of mind to take the insurance when I bought it, so we got the phone replaced. I am very thankful that my phone has an insurance or else I have to buy a new handset. It does not change the trauma of losing a phone again, but at least we were able to replace the loss of the handset.

  • You don’t lose your life when you lose a phone but I guess it’s safe to say that you also lose a big part of you. There are just so many important contacts, details, information, and messages stored in your phone that are hard to earn back even when you get a new one. Mobile phones are personal things so it’s sad to lose one.

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