McCain Blames Obama for the Failed Bailout?

The McCain camp says Obama infused debate with ‘necessary partisanship‘ as the bailout fails. Hmmm? Like Obama had anything to do with that mess. I suppose the Republicans are going to spin this great depression stuff on to the democrates somehow.

What the heck is partisanship anyways?

These banks , wall street and Bush economic polocies are crazy. I remember when bush did away with bankruptcy awhile back. Or, he made it harder and more expensive for us poor folks to file it…The credit card companies praised his work on this matter..

Around the same time I remember Bush trying to take my overtime away. Oh, he said I could work it… Just not get paid the time and 1/2. Lets just screw the hell out of us poor working people…Fortunately it didn’t pass the way he wanted it. I still get my overtime to be able to afford a cup of Starbucks once a week.

With this kind of crap going on I don’t see how McCain can win.. Right here at the end of Bush’s term we are going to hell in a handbasket. A financial crisis is at hand… No matter what Obama did or says.

So What’s up?
Most people see the banks getting what they diserve anyways for loaning money carelessly to people (like myself) who can’t afford to pay it back. Shame on me…

Maybe the government should hand over a few K to bail me out!

2 Responses to “McCain Blames Obama for the Failed Bailout?”

  • Anonymous:

    Oh, but the root of this entire credit crisis CAN be pinned on the Democrats! In 1999 the Clinton administration put pressure on Fannie Mae to make mortgages loans more accessible to Minorities*. Unfortunately, Not just Minorities took advantage of this Clinton Administration Initiative – So did “Careless People Like Yourself”. Fast forward to today – And all you deadbeats are defaulting on your debt because you CHOSE to get yourselves in over your head. Yet another Failed Clinton Policy that you Libs are blaming on Bush.

    Stick to the fluff & pop culture stuff, you’re NOT good at the political analysis as you are grossly uninformed.


  • Oh so now it’s Clinton’s fault huh? Geeze… I should have known… I may be uniformed but my political analysis is just about as good as everybody else in the bar slamming a few back.


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