Neal P Hutto – Tulsa Oklahoma Hipster – A Tribute.

I'm here..Somewhere.This post goes out to my good friend and musical colleague Neal Hutto. We were hipsters back in the day and remained good friends throughout the 90’s and beyond till his death in 2010.

Our History

Neal and I went to Carver Middle School together here in Tulsa Oklahoma.  He was a talented musician then…And  a hipster… I was a dork. But with his help and the influence of other hipsters I sorta became hip myself.

We drifted apart and I did not see him again unitl the early 90’s when he was the MC of a open stage night at the Eclipse club in Tulsa.  I used to get up on that stage every Tuesday with my guitar and cheap beer and sing my little heart out.. Ya know?  Memories

Neal had always been the free spirit kinda guy….. He lived out of his car for over 11 consecutive years… And was fine with that.  He lived in his means and always had money and the stuff he needed… His car was insured and he was totally legal.  This was the life he chose and he enjoyed it folks…  His method of living under good Karma was his  code.

A lot could be said about Neal.  His concerns with government interference in his life were quite the puzzle to me…Still, his stories and adventures in his car were always quite entertaining and it was always a good time when he would roll by my house to see me and do some jamming.

Hutto Hippies

Hutto was a talented guitar player, singer, songwriter and piano player.  He would often get up and do a set at the Eclipse himself and was always a hit with the crowd. His music was interesting and complex.  I have recently found a demo of his songs and in the process of digitizing it and will share that at my music site.

In the 90’s we attempted to put a band together and wrote a few songs… We could never seem to get out of the basement stage of the band but did manage to get a few things recorded. It would have been fun to actually get out and play some shows… But our lifestyle at the time seemed to prevent this… If you know what I”m saying?

Free Download

I have recorded a song that Neal wrote with our band back then. I am offering it here to honor  Neal and our great friendship his talent and legacy.  It was fun recording it and I hope I do his song justice.  Actually it was co written by K-Lor over at Funjob.  A mutual friend of  ours.

The Lyric

Why won’t you deal with me? Instead you… Flee…. That’s fine……

Rest in peace Neal P Hutto… You are missed my friend… See ya on the ‘other side’  YOU DIG?

Button Pusher (Download it here it’s MP3)

The players

  • Dave (me) Acoustic, electric guitar  and vocals.
  • Don Holt Bass
  • Courtney Doutthitt –  Backing vocals
  • Tommy Maxey – Lead guitars.

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7 thoughts on “Neal P Hutto – Tulsa Oklahoma Hipster – A Tribute.”

  1. I miss him too. Such a genuine person and passionate musician. Thanks for keeping his memory alive! Still thinking of you often Neal P!!

  2. Thanks for posting this song. I remember seeing Neal at the Eclipse. I’d love to check out those demos. Are the posted yet? Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. That was a beautifully haunting song. Neal and I were friends in high school and beyond, and had a lot of fun hanging out in the early 90’s as well. Despite his troubles, always a kind man.

  4. Thanks for making the song available.
    I was a year behind Neal (and you) at Carver and also knew him from All Souls’ Unitarian Church. I remember him playing the guitar. I think we might have done some Summer Arts programs together way back when. He was a teeny bop heart throb to many middle school girls in that era.
    I googled him because I heard that his mother passed alway recently. I was glad to find this tribute as the first hit, especially since his name did not appear in his mother’s obituary on the funeral home site.
    Thanks for remembering the good stuff.

    1. You did go to summer arts with him. I remember because I went with his mom to pick him up at the end and he was calling you “Godie Coble.”

  5. I drop in from time to time, not to see whether he has returned, but just to stoke the old fire a little, lest it flicker and die.

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