Oil Free President?

Well, I guess I’ll take a break from Satan for awhile. I mean what is on everybody’s mind these days anyways? Yup. You guessed it… Gas prices. So who is the best man to help in on this election year? Here is what this radical website says:

 MoveOn.org Political Action

Day of Action for an Oil-Free President

People need to know John McCain won’t help ease the energy crisis—he’s Big Oil’s friend, not ours.
Join us on July 9th for our Rally for an Oil-Free President events are spreading the word at local gas station.

I ain’t gonna vote anyways unless I just get overwhelmed with love for one of those cats.The Black or White one. :)

2 Responses to “Oil Free President?”

  • phenglai:

    MoveOn.org is extremely slanted to the left and funded by someone who rather see this country socialized.

    Tax breaks for the oils companies are just as important as tax breaks for farmers. We have taxed ourselves into a whole and the solution now is to tax oil because gas is so expensive. No one talks about how we cant drill, how we have not built a power plant in 30 years, or how much the demand for oil has risen in the world.

    Taxing oil companies will only hurt us. The oil companies will keep the same profit margin as they have shareholders to keep happy. That means an increase for the consumer. Also, take a look at your 401k and see how many of them are investing in oil companies. Tax oil and you start losing your own retirement.

    This is panderingat its finest by the politicians. Find a hot button issue and drive it until the country breaks. They should be trying to fix the situation instead of stirring the pot. Everyone talks about Bush’s approval rating, check out the approval rating of Congress.


    What party is incharge of Congress right now and what have they accomplishedin the last 2 years?

  • Indeed…Things have got to change… I can barely afford my hosting bill.


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