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Update: My music career site – DOUFO is were I offer my new (and old) musical projects

I have been an “Underground Oklahoma Musician” since I was a pre teen… I walked around with a tape recorder recording stuff and myself in elementary school… I dig recording in the lab… If you can catch my drift?

I had a lot of my projects (such as they are) up at my old site but I goofed it off and let that domain expire… Since I have owned and played with this blog for a number of years I decided to showcase my wonderful musical work right here for all of you loyal hip opinionsts

I’m kinda off and on with this web stuff but now that I”m getting married to my wonderful fiancé  it’s a good time to showcase all of my old and new projects! Can you dig it?

So….. Here goes…. … …

Do I have you waiting in anticipation?

Musical Projects

Here is a list of stuff I have worked on over the years with others and by myself…

If it’s linked it leads to a post that offers free music downloads etc

Uh…. It’s all about MEEEEeeeeee

Well it is my website after all….right?

I’m gonna start blogging this stuff and offering it all totally free of course. That’s just how I roll I recon.

Please donate to the cause if your willing… Hey! I usually got $40 bucks playing covers in bars here in Dusty Oklahoma after all….

If you wanna share some of your underground demo’s etc… Drop me an email…And show your stuff!

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