On “Heist”: Mamet’s 2001 Effort – A Movie Review

David Mamet turned into a very interesting (if not always good) film artist, but his Heist has one of the worst plots of any movie in 2001.  Amoral and almost a potboiler, it revolves around the machinations of thieves acted by Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and Delroy Lindo.  It boasts some excellent dialogue, however:  “She could talk herself out of a sunburn.”  The first words out of Hackman’s mouth when he and Rebecca Pidgeon are ready to pull a job are “Nobody lives forever.”  “Frank Sinatra gave it a shot,” replies Pidgeon coolly.  Peculiar language for a caper movie—which is good.  Perhaps the film should be seen just for its dialogue.

Alas, it has flaws besides plot problems, though, such as a clumsily directed sequence in which Lindo gets tough with a couple of  cheatin’ fellow robbers.

Stick with Mamet’s The Winslow Boy and even State and Main.  You’ll do better.

Cover of "Heist"
Cover of Heist

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