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I was reading the Tulsa World‘s website the other day. It was talking about a guy that got stabbed several times in his apartment complex. It was a violent crime. It happened in a poor neighborhood.  There are lots of minorities there and crime and stuff.

Incredibly the guy survived thanks to the efforts of the ambulance staff and emergency room at the hospital. He was in critical condition but they stabilized him. It appears he’s going to be OK.

What I found interesting however was the comments that people were leaving under the story.  Of course that’s what this site is all about… Opinions. Fortunately I own this site and can write a whole article myself about  opinions that I see elswhere… The search engines can find it and my opinion will stand out bigger than those that get posted on a newspaper site… You dig?

The comment that caught my attention said:

Who’s going to pay his medical bill?
That was all it said.

Well, isn’t that the question of the day? I mean, he lives there right? He MUST be a criminal. You know… one of  “those” people and obviously doesn’t have any money or insurance.

So what would you suggest? I’m sure he was up to no good… They should just let him go on and bleed to death huh? Why should US taxpayers pay for something he probably deserved anyways right?

Do me a favor hipsters… If I ever say anything that cold and rediculous on this site, please spam and hack the hell out of this domain until it completely crashes…

Thanks! Peace to ya’ll!

2 Responses to “Opinions from the Tulsa World”

  • mark:

    Thus is the world today, with the President we have now all i seem to hear is how he is stealing our money. Any self respecting member of the GOP will go off on how they are now going to have to pay for this poor devils hospital bill. It dosen’t matter if this guy is a upstanding citizen or if he is a criminal, HE’S GETTING SOMTHING FOR FREE!!!! Well, God forbid that any of these rich bastards ever lose everything they have and have to go live under a bridge. The general conceseious today seems to be that people think that the less privledged (spl?) are out to take our money. I got news for ya!! once you are down it is harder than hell to get back up. Now, granted, some of our society is out for a free ride, but some of them our trying like hell to dig themself out and having the rich slam them in the media is’nt helping at all. If you got alot of money and are worried about the poor taking it, then get yourself down to John 3:16 and lend a helping hand to those who do not have as much as you and give them a helping hand. Till that day, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!! about people taking your money.

  • I have heard it said that if all the “rich” people (not really sure who that includes) were to give 2% of their annual income to the poor then it would wipe out poverty as we know it.

    Jesus said “The poor will always be with you” So I assume many simply say…Why bother?


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