Report #2 On The New “24” Program

The 24 reboot on Fox (Live Another Day) is getting shockingly intense.  Terrorist insanity streams forward and the U.S. President (William Devane) had better start relying on Jack Bauer in a wholehearted way.  Er, the U.S. government has really been blowing it.  The zealous CIA agent, Kate Morgan, joins Bauer in his anti-Psychopath With A Drone cause, and a Marine commander peevishly complains about Morgan and gets her removed from the case!  And this is in the face of an on-coming drone attack that will fry thousands of Brits!  Way to go, government!

The action scenes in 24 are adroitly handled and most of the acting is delightfully good.  It’s a creepy role, Michelle Fairley, but you’re doing an impeccable job in it.

Title card for 24 (TV series)
Title card for 24 (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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