The Gateway Drug?

Mary Jane Effects
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You ever heard that  Marijuana is  a Gateway drug? That you start smoking a little weed and that it will eventually indoctrinate you to “try” harder drugs.

Gateway  Example

I guy is in  high school. At lunchtime he is at the convenience store and buy a quart of beer for lunch.  Some of the high school homeys are doing it every day so…Why not?

Drink that beer down with a sandwich and go back to class and heckle the teacher… Extra fuel for the class clown. Continue reading “The Gateway Drug?”

Recreational Drugs and Doctors Questions

Recreational Drugs
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You ever go to a new doctor and fill out a little questionnaire?  It will ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle.
Smoking, drugs, booze, sex ETC.

All that fun stuff

QuikTrip – Convenience Store King!

Quittin Time Beer
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Quiktrip is the king of convenience stores.  I talk to people all the time that are not from the OK area. When they discover QT they are simply amazed.

If you don’t have a Quiktrip in your town your missing out.

I have never seen a better convenience store for all of those goodies with almost no nutritional values.  WAIT tho… QT is different…They even have fruit and salad and health drinks. They now offer fresh made sandwiches. They just keep expanding and getting better and better… You dig?

Do I get that healthy stuff?
Hell no… It will take a doctor to tell me that there is very limited time if I don’t change my ways… But even that may not make me go into a health food frenzy. (I love to eat food that’s good) Lunch Time!

I remember back in the day QT used to have “Quittin Time Beer” There would be commercials on the TV with a dog named Lamar to help serve the ghetto sud’s.

I wonder if that brew was better than the “Beast”??? That would be “Milwaukee’s best” in party lingo… Or, I think that’s how it went… Maybe it was Meister Bro’… Hmmm?

Help a brother blogger out huh?

Hell, I don’t want no freakin’ beers anyways..  QuikTrip Rules tho 😀

American Beer – Which is Best?

American Beer. Let’s consider it shall we?

Take a look at these 99 bottles of beer . It appears that us Americans just aint all that great at brewing beer. According to Fortune at CNN we just can’t seem to keep up the game with the forgen brewed beer.

In fact according to that fancy little interactive beer show the classic American beers are now owned by foreigners . Oh My…

Of course there’s nothing like a cheap 6 pack of Oklahoma 3.2 natural light beer from the Quiktrip huh? Oh that smooth pilsner taste. And low on calaries too!

What beer are YOU drinking this weekend?

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