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Scooby Doo Gang – Pot Smoking Ghost Busters?


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I was told awhile back from some hipsters that the Scooby doo gang are actually pot smoking, poetry writing hippies. Is it true?

Oh sure we all have our own ideas about cartoon characters… I have heard it before.

Cartoon Controversy:

  • Beavis and Butthead – Beavis is the smart one?
  • Bugs Bunny – He’s transgender?
  • Sponge  Bob – He’s a gay man?

Oh I’m sure there’s more… I really need to research this stuff huh?

But what about the Scooby Doo ghost busting gang?  Let me think about this a minute here…… ????


They drive around in the “mystery machineseeing things. They got the munchies all the time. And they got a dog with the middle name “doobie”.

It’s all making sense now……..

Of course you know they do a great job for the community.  Busting bad guys that are scaring off people so they can get away with their crimes.  We need more kids like this huh?

It’s a good thing they are not drug testing them over at the ghost buster’s union…  Sheese… I’d hope not…

Yo….Scooby and the Gang…. Smoke ’em if ya got em…….

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