Mary Jane and Stupidity.

“Mary Jane” cover
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Hey man, lets go get “stupid”

That’s what one cat told me when he wanted to go smoke a joint one time… Sure I went and lit up and all but the term really made me consider things…
DOES pot make you stupid? Heck why do you think they call it “dope”

I have always thought it was a rather harmless drug… Alcohol seems to kill more innocent (and not so innocent) people…The war on pot seems never ending expensive and pointless.

But does it make you stupid? Well, I dunno… Dude, but I made straight D’s and some F’s in high school back in the DAZE! -I think cause I was high… Even the idiots in pineapple express realized that they couldn’t seem to get it together because they were so high… I guess they did in the end though…

Nobody thought that movie was funny did they
? Guess ya had to be high.. 🙂

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How to Switch to Diet Pop

Switch To Diet Pop

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If your like me you can dig some pop.  My personal fave is Coke.  The full flavor version. But… I switched to Diet. Ya wanna know how?

I’m writing this post drinking a diet Coke… My hope is that it will keep me

from gaining weight… Not that I really care… I just don’t want to have to buy new jeans. I just aint’ got the cash flow for that. You dig?

Switch to Diet

How the heck ya do that?
Especially if you used to drinking sugar pop?

Start by drinking it FAST

Make sure the beverage is fully carbine… If it goes flat…forget it…It just ain’t worth drinkin’

Stay with it for at least a week.

It won’t start tasting normal until then folks… You just gotta keep forcing it down.
Then you learn to LOVE Diet Pop!

Drink cans or bottles

This is part of that carbonation thing. If you drink big bottles you better kill it within a couple of days at most. For me, the 2 liter thing just don’t work. I stick with the can’s.  20oz bottles are my favorite 🙂

Diet Fountain Drinks

They just don’t work for this hipster.  For some reason they are never as good.  When I stop by the fast food joint I typically get full flavor.

I have heard it said that drinking diet pop doesn’t help you lose weight.. The theory is that it makes you EAT more??   Whatever.

Switch to Diet Today – You can do it. I got faith 🙂