Sam Raimi – Drag Me to Hell

Drag me to hell?
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I didn’t find Sam Raimi‘s “Drag Me to Hell” entertaining. It is an intelligently directed, edited and photographed horror flick with some canny moments, such as the weirdness at the dinner party. But those scary jolts can be clunky if not silly, and the writing is spotty, concerning as it does a young woman who is cursed by a Hungarian crone when the former declines to further extend the gypsy’s bank credit. “Lamia” time. As a Christian I believe in damnation, but I don’t believe in this film. It handles the subject of  “eternal burning” too lightly, too frivolously–and, needless to say, with bad theology. Also, horror movies with abysmally dark endings stick in my craw. They’re not fun. As if all this weren’t enough, Alison Lohman, though lovely, gives a superficial performance as the cursed gal.

Reviewed by my bro Dean.

Hancock – Super Hero Movie with a Twist

Coming Home On Virgin
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I like super hero movies… I saw Batman The Dark Knight Recently… Very Kewl.

Hancock is certainly a different take on Super Hero movies…This guy is a drunk with super human powers (like Superman) and has an attitude of FTW… If you know what im saying…

He is always tearing up stuff as he saves people and catches bad guys… He seems to have no guidance or morals when it comes to how he get’s the job done… Very interesting.

He then saves a guys life that becomes his friend and “consultant” on how to become a cherished super hero instead of one considered to be an “asshole”

I also checked out “The Bucket List ” this weekend… It was a moving story about 2 guys that are terminally ill and create a list of things to do before they “kick the bucket” Great story and photography as they travel worldwide… Almost holding back tears at the end… I hate that… :)

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