Admiral Twin Drive In – Tulsa OK

Admiral Twin Drive-In
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Sept 3,2010 was a sad day for Tulsa OK. The Admiral Twin Drive In burned completely to the ground. This Tulsa icon has been around since the 1950’s.

So now when I go rolling down I244 at night I will  no longer see a movie playing in the night. It’s just pitiful.

The Admiral Twin is full of history and was featured in “The Outsiders” by Francis Ford Coppola.  It’s been seen everywhere. That is a very popular movie.  Lord have mercy folks!

As I write this post the more I remember about that groovy place:

  • I partied there. (many times)
  • I snuck in there. (Trunk)
  • I saw the Exorcist there (first run)
  • 2nd time I ever kissed a girl was there. (she broke up right after lol)
  • My friends back yard was the movie. (Free movies)
  • On the school bus I remember seeing the film crew and vintage cars in place for the filming of “The Outsiders” (daily)

Anybody have similar memories… Thousands I’m sure.

Come on now!

Save the Admiral TwinJoin it hipsters.

Opinion: True Romance A Movie Review

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I rented True Romance last weekend.  It has been years since I seen it… It was written by Taranteno and you know I was completely entertained as I usually am by the  films he is involved in.

The movie has an all star cast with many cameo’s. When some of these big names step in for little rolls like this it is often a good sign. These great actors just want to be part of a interesting project.

It includes all the good things:

  • Love
  • Drugs
  • Violence
  • Racism
  • Roller Coasters
  • Pimps
  • Corrupt cops
  • Snitches

Now don’t you want to see what happens?

If you have never seen this movie… Your missing out… Check it…  And I wanted to post about a movie because I noticed there was only one post about movies in the archive for this site…And I have been once again trying to build up this site…Just for the fun of it.

Blockbuster and Redbox – Problems Renting Movies

Off To The Movies
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Oh yes… I love to rent movies. I rarely buy them because when I do I watch then one time and then they sit on the shelf or get stolen… The good movies anyways.

But why does there have to be a struggle with renting movies? Oh, I just know all you hipsters understand what I’m sayin. You rent one from blockbuster, watch it and then take it back and then you recieve a little telephone call ( or not) and then they hit your bank account..

Hey, I already brought  that movie back… You dig?

So you go up to the store and and say… You guys took the money out of my bank account for a movie that I already brought back… Well, we can’t see on our computer what the main office is doing. They really just don’t have any answers for me.  Oh wait…Here it is… We have a some new employees.

Sure…always blame it on the new guy.

I thought I’d give redbox a try…It’s cheap and seems easy enough.  I set up an account online and reserved a movie. I went to go pick it up and it didn’t work… “Can’t dispense movie at this time” Of course it hit my bank account anyways.

So. Guess I may try a mail order service… I got a really good feeling about that one.

Opinion: Conservative Christian Movies

Well look here. Conservative Christian Movies!  My brother, the movie reviewing guy he is has started a new blog..Gee.. Looks like he was keeping it a secret from me. Now that I know he is blogging again I, of course, subscribed.

I always enjoy reading movie reviews from ANYBODY. But my brother’s christian conservative slant makes it that much more viable to study a movie. Is the movie really doing anybody good? Or simply pushing the boundaries as so many filmmakers and TV show makers do these days. We just got to show more to SHOCK people.

My bro has been reviewing movies and music for as long as I can remember. He is a prolific writer… If I could just convince him to move away from that typewriter, or 1980 word processor he uses and actually get a new computer and write for the web I do believe he could be a voice to be reckoned with.

Studying popular culture…Especially movies with consistent conservative christian (but not preachy) style of writing would do much good for the net. The internet needs good writers that deserve exposure. And I can always appreciate what he has to say…

A Christian Conservative and His Movies.
I can dig it…Can you?

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Hancock – Super Hero Movie with a Twist

Coming Home On Virgin
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I like super hero movies… I saw Batman The Dark Knight Recently… Very Kewl.

Hancock is certainly a different take on Super Hero movies…This guy is a drunk with super human powers (like Superman) and has an attitude of FTW… If you know what im saying…

He is always tearing up stuff as he saves people and catches bad guys… He seems to have no guidance or morals when it comes to how he get’s the job done… Very interesting.

He then saves a guys life that becomes his friend and “consultant” on how to become a cherished super hero instead of one considered to be an “asshole”

I also checked out “The Bucket List ” this weekend… It was a moving story about 2 guys that are terminally ill and create a list of things to do before they “kick the bucket” Great story and photography as they travel worldwide… Almost holding back tears at the end… I hate that… :)

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