Opinion: Free Music on the Internet

Ripping CDs at Pandora
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Free music marketing. When you do a search for “free Music” or “free music downloads you don’t get any “free music” It’s all about radio.  Last FM consistantly  comes up #1 on in a google search… That is internet radio. Then it’s GrooveShark, Pandora Radio ETC.

These systems look and seem to work pretty good. But my goal is to get MY music heard. You know, little ole ME.

Not that the music I have done with different bands is any good or anything. But I’d like to get noticed anyhow… You dig? Heck, I wanna record contract and make millions of dollar too….  What garage band musician doesn’t?

Using basic make money online for beginners methods taught by this Grizz guy who I was introduced to by another blogger who teaches passive online income I have started a SEO campagn to try to drive traffic to my free music site.

To get “Free Music” hi on the search engine rankings could prove to be a impossible task. But what’s a mediocra song writer supposed to do? Except sing for a rock and roll band? I just gotta take on the challenge.

I’ll fill all you loyal Hip Opinion readers in later about how it’s going and let you look at the projects I have put together to try to get this agenda going.

Until Later… Happy Labor Day!

Do Drugs Enhance Musical Creativity?

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I took some Tylenol PM last night. I was playing my heart out on the guitar.. I played some of my favorite covers.. Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, The Beatles. Tossed in a few of my originals… I may play a little picnic gig thing in May.

You know, I think it sounded better because I was getting a little woozy from the “PM” part of the Tylenol. Or maybe it was in my head. In any case:

DO mild altering drugs enhance musical creativity?
Do they make you play better? You know there are tons of musicians out there that think so. And some of the best records in history were made while “under the influence.” Or that’s what is said in musician drug circles.

Some Bands on Drugs:

  • Beatles
  • The Who
  • Pink Floyd
  • David Bowie
  • The Doors
  • Greatful Dead
  • Rolling Stones
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Led Zeppelin
  • ETC..etc..etc

But drugs have a way of telling lies. Maybe these people were talented and creative rather they were on drugs or not. Perhaps creativity is a giftDrugs are just taking the credit. What do you think?

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Pink Floyd – Do They Trip on Acid?

Pink Floyd on Acid

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Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands… I can  trip on acid to almost any of their records all they way back to the beginning. If I tripped on acid 😉

They were the first to really do the “space sound” You know what I mean?

They are the poster children of Acid Music. Right? But were they actually acid junkies? Somebody recently was telling me that Roger Waters says he rarely ever took  acid… He just enjoyed having a few beers…Wow… I thought it took acid to actually influence them to come up with that spacey sound.

Which perhaps leads me to another post for tomorrow (or sometime)
Does Drugs enhance creativity?

The Best Drummer Who ever Lived

Stewart Copeland in a live show in Marseille.

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There is always a debate as who is the best of something… I used to do this a lot over the years as a kid.

So who is the best drummer who ever lived?  How can we know when there are so many awesome drummers out there.

Favorites Drummers

That must be because they played in some of my favorite bands huh?

There are many other drummers that are either just as good or “underrated“…
So, who is the best drummer who ever lived?

Bret Michaels – Love is Real?

Love is real, real is love.
Love is knowing, how to love
-John Lennon

Bret Michaels is a trip huh?
All those fine chicks lining up wanting to hook up. All on the TV. I assume that is how it has been for him for many years since he became a rock star. Now he’s bringing in plenty of capital from that fact considering he ain’t doin nothing musically but, rather, living in the glory days of Poison.

My High School Years were all “poisoned” with all that hair metal garbage.