Plenty of Fish – Online Matchmaking – Does it Work?

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Plenty of Fish and the online matchmaking world is thriving as usual. The question – My Matches – How is this determined? Do these sites actually have a ‘technological’ system that matches you with people you are compatible with?

Matchmaking Test

I have been playing around on 3 different free dating sites off and on for years.  In fact it’s probably one of the reason I don’t get around to updating this blog…hahaha.. Whatever… I have learned the ups and downs of Plenty of Fish and others such as OK Cupid and Date Hook Up.  You dig???

Plenty Of Fish Friends

Lets discuss a few of my friends I have met on Plenty of Fish over the past few years shall we? Some I have dated…Some are penpals etc…The question remains: Why does POF consider some of these ‘my matches’ and others do not come up in ANY match or search whatsoever….If I did not already know them I would have never met them on POF.

  • _______ is my friend and pen pal from another site. We met in person a few months ago.  We got along famously from day one and still remain close friends. She signed up on POF and has not come up on any matches or searches no matter how narrow I tweak the settings.
  • ______ is a friend I met thru FB.  She has helped me out of a lot of scrapes and been a good friend to me and my kid. She has been on POF about as long as I have and never comes up on any searches or matches.
  • _____ is my educated IM buddy.  She gives me advice on women and dating among other things. We did meet on POF. -She also does not come up on any matches or searches.
  • _____  is my artistic friend. She is fun to talk to and very wise. We say hello often and have been out on the town a few times. I met her on POF and she still comes up in matches and searches regularly.
  • _______Is my philosophical and religion debating partner. She’s fun to talk to and we have known each other a few months as of this post. She also comes up on matches and searches.
  • _______Is a small town girl I talked to a long time ago..  We never got cross or anything but for some reason she blocked me. Then, recently she has come up as one of ‘my matches’ Why would somebody who has blocked you still be a ‘match’ ???
  • ________ Is a pen pal and spiritual friend who even tho we clicked ‘yes’ on each other in the ‘match me feature’ are not considered ‘matches’ in the system and do not come up on searches.
  • ________Is a musician friend of mine that did come up on matches in the beginning… Now we are on each others ‘favorites’ but do not come up as ‘matches’
  • _______Is another that lives out of town that I converse with and we gripe about life  to each other and people we meet on POF. She dropped the site recently calling it “Put Out F**kers’
  • ____,____, and _____ among others are friends and acquaintances that I met there or elsewhere that are active on the site…Some are matches some are not… Some come up on searches some do not…

My Matches Conclusion

All these Ladies are beautiful people that I consider friends and groovy to my soul… You can see their profiles at (removed) What? You think I want more competition? Hardly… Guys far outnumber the Gals on dating sites folks.  But your welcome to check out my profile.

So…. Plenty of Fish matchmaking…Does it work  Wassup???

Getting Attractive Dates? Plenty of Fish!

I read and an article in a magazine one time that took a survey about what trates people search for in a mate.  All the usual stuff:

Honesty, integrity, stability…. All of THAT

Plenty of fish
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Then it asked about “looks” .

You know, attractive people.  According to the survey most people were not that opinioated about “good looks”. They often said that “looks are really not that important.

But… what they say and what they actually do are often very different things. Continue reading “Getting Attractive Dates? Plenty of Fish!”

Derek Rake – Seduce Women – A Review

Rake's Zen of Suduction?
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I get email every week from this cat, Derek Rake on how to seduce women.  I was sitting around on the single tip (like I am now) and did a Google search on how to pick up girls and his site came up. (It may have been an ad)

I was quite entertained by the webpage and I put my email address in there and have been getting his newsletter ever since. He claims it’s worth $47 monthly.  I have been receiving it for quite some time. I wonder when my free trial is up? Continue reading “Derek Rake – Seduce Women – A Review”

Hipster Dating Sites

Hipster dating sites! That would be the place where you meet all the hipster’s online for a groovy date.  You meet each other there. Hold cyber hands and think pure thoughts.

(I reach out and take your hand.)
Let’s go to a art show!

(Looking at you and smiling)
Rite-on, I think they have a new Constantine Andreou exhibit Link here

Think of the possibilities?

I'm In Like With You.
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2 hipsters  hangin’ online. Sharing opinions on modern art, popular culture and the effects of dogmatic socialism.  It would be like a dream come true for all the hipsters down at the cyber cafe.

Well I was looking around and I found one.

I didn’t bother  linking to it.

It’s a domain somebody own’s with a parked page with ad’s. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?  Sound’s like some easy money.

It worked, I clicked an ad.  Go figure.

Being a single dude I just have to contend with my now infamous POF profile.

I wish that site had stat’s for me to check. It would be interesting to know if my profile get’s more hits than the next guy.  Heck, I put all kind’s of work into it.   If I had put as much time into blogging as I did that site I’d probably be on the A-List for bloggers.

I’m thinking about adding a dating extension onto the Hip Opinion.

Like I said, Imagine the possibilities.