Do Mormons Own Pepsi?

A Coke pin
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Can you dig some Pepsi? Well, you ever heard that the “Mormon’s” own Pepsi Cola? So… When you throwing back that red white and blue can your probably buying a bunch of bicycles. And those cat’s MUST get thirsty rolling from door to door.

Hey, the Mormons need you to drink up to spread the gospel (is it the gospel?) of Joseph smith. Well, isn’t he the one that came up with it? He probably LOVED  Pepsi.

I’m a Coke guy myself.

What can I say? That’s my mom’s fave. She always had it around when I was growing up.  She would scold me tho if she caught me in the kitchen sneakin’ a sip.  It’s OK … She usually had me plenty of bottles of kool-aide for me to drink when I was ridding arond on my Big Wheel.

I’m getting used to Pepsi now….The dudes at my job won’t buy any Coke for our vending box. So it’s all good…. Ride on.. You disciples of Mr Smith. Drop on by and let’s have a little spirtual banter… I LOVE it 🙂

We can share some ice cold Pepsi!

Coke or Pepsi – Which is better?

12 ounce (355 ml) can of Coca Cola C2.
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Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? You would pull up to a grocery store and they would have this stand up there… You step up to the little booth and they give you 2 tiny cups of soda and you tell them which one you think tastes the best.

I chose coke… I had to think about it for a minute tho.. My mom had always told me that “Pepsi tastes’ like Coke with dirt in it”.  Well, when I took the actual “test” I couldn’t tell…And honestly, in that setting, thought that Pepsi MAY taste just a little bit better…

Uh… Nope.

I’m a Coke guy for life hipsters…That’s just the way it is… Now that i’m older and slower and bigger and all I have decided to switch to the diet variety.