Spam Comments and Akismet

Diagram of sending spam e-mails
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I have let this blog go for a couple of days. I get burnout. Then I logged into the site and noticed about 10 comments that got caught by the Akismet Spam filter. I don’t have any idea why because they were all legitimate comments.

So if any of ya’ll visitors commented and your comment “disappeared” into thin cyber space I am truly sorry. Continue reading “Spam Comments and Akismet”

Spam E-Mail Junk Fun

Example of Email Spam on my Gmail account
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Have you checked your spam e-mail box lately? Lots of people wanting to show you pictures and things.  They have all kind’s of fun stuff for you.

Check Spam

  • Oxycontin
  • Penis enlargement kits
  • Cheap software
  • Colan cleanser
  • Options YOU selected
  • Hey Dave 70% off
  • YOU have been selected
  • Hello – Look at my pictures?

Wow! All that fun stuff is right there on 1st page of my spam box! Calling me to click on in and find out what it’s all about. As long as there are a few good people (like myself) willing to put a credit card number in.  Well, those  guys can give themselves a “Good going kid” pat on the back.

I check my spam email often.  For entertainment purposes only.You know…

Chick here – I dare you 😉