Hipster Dating Sites

Hipster dating sites! That would be the place where you meet all the hipster’s online for a groovy date.  You meet each other there. Hold cyber hands and think pure thoughts.

(I reach out and take your hand.)
Let’s go to a art show!

(Looking at you and smiling)
Rite-on, I think they have a new Constantine Andreou exhibit Link here

Think of the possibilities?

I'm In Like With You.
Image by Rob Boudon via Flickr

2 hipsters  hangin’ online. Sharing opinions on modern art, popular culture and the effects of dogmatic socialism.  It would be like a dream come true for all the hipsters down at the cyber cafe.

Well I was looking around and I found one.  www.hipsterdating.com

I didn’t bother  linking to it.

It’s a domain somebody own’s with a parked page with ad’s. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?  Sound’s like some easy money.

It worked, I clicked an ad.  Go figure.

Being a single dude I just have to contend with my now infamous POF profile.

I wish that site had stat’s for me to check. It would be interesting to know if my profile get’s more hits than the next guy.  Heck, I put all kind’s of work into it.   If I had put as much time into blogging as I did that site I’d probably be on the A-List for bloggers.

I’m thinking about adding a dating extension onto the Hip Opinion.

Like I said, Imagine the possibilities.

Ransom Note Web Page

Hey look at this new post. Using a little ransom note style which was so hated back when I started designing webpages back in the day.

Oh yes. HTML books and web design websites told you to NEVER do this.

But WHY??

Ransom Note
Image via Wikipedia

Because it looks stupid?
You should never format professional pages  like this. Come on?

What would your customers think?

But I just wanted to show off my new blog theme and goof around with the WYSIWYG editor that I’m using to create this post!

Just for the FUN of it.

I’m not trying to get rich off of this blog. Just get some visitors and hopefully more contributes  to write goofy stuff for entertainment. And make a little cash as a part time job.  Like working at McDonald’s.

As long as your hip you can write whatever ya like.. In any STYLE.. Come on and join the hip opinion and do some WACKY….

Ransom Note POSTING.

Well if ya got this far check out a site I used to learn website from back in the day. Websites that SUCK! Good to see that dude is still around…Fun Stuff 🙂

MySpace Cyber Meat Market Review

Hey, you ever heard of myspace ? I remember hearing those words years ago. It was brand new then and growing strong… So, I of course joined. See here !

Many web geeks then (and now) can’t stand myspace. But for all the sexual/dating/flirting/cheating computer novices that just want to have fun-You can’t beat it. It has to be the biggest free internet meat market on the net. Why join some kind of paid dating site when there are millions to choose from on MySpace. (If that’s where you go to get dates anyways)

I have been fed up with myspace in the past while having difficulties with a girlfriend that I met there. She seemed to enjoy the excitement on the website more than me. Still, I keep my profile up and check it from time to time… I sometimes promote my blogs on there to try and build my pathetic traffic stats.

Do you like to surf pages at myspace? I always find it hard to read most pages as they tend to put up all kinds of gadgets and background pictures… Gee, It reminds me of yahoo geocities. This is the reason a lot of web designers don’t like myspace.


People sure can have a good time. With all of those “theme” sites out there. So many people are cashing in on myspace’s success…Especially Myspace itself.  (800 million in revenue 2008) And, they don’t even have to add content… It’s members do plenty of that. They just monitor the datacenter and fight hackers… No need to actually write anything.

MySpace – Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. But I usually just forget it.

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Is Blogging Useless and Inaccurate?

I'm here..Somewhere.With millions of blogs out there on the internet one has to wonder if what we have to say is useless.  Anybody at anytime can simply post whatever they want. Rather they know what they are talking about or not.

Where do Bloggers get their Info?

Don’t believe everything you read, so they say… Apparently people do have a problem with blogging. But you know this is the new millennium. Everybody knows that the internet is unstoppable.. People like myself are going to be blogging about stuff. OUR OPINIONS! Are my blogs inaccurate? I think not…

Are YOU one of us?

If so I hope are reporting what you  feel is correct… Freedom of speech-All that good stuff