The Gospel of Benny Hinn?

Benny Hinn
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I have been thinking a lot about the gospels that are preached on television in conjuncture with my own personal struggles with life and financial obligations.. Benny Hinn is certainly one of the most famous and I had a little idea! This is a rework of an old post from 2008… See, I was unemployed.

In my ongoing quest to make enough money to survive I considered finding a job with a major TV ministry. I have believed the Bible for many years and thought that perhaps these guys could use an unskilled ex party animal junkie like myself to help further their cause.

They seem to generate a lot of capital so adding me to the staff somehow could help me get out of this self inflicted financial mess… (or ½ self inflicted, I had PLENTY of help getting there)

I thought of a good position for me…. I could be a “catcher” during the Benny Hinn rallies. You know… He’s the guy that is standing behind the person that faints from God’s awesome power when Benn waves his hand at them. They catch the person that is ‘slain in the spirit’ I think that would be a good job for me because I know I ain’t gonna be falling down – ya dig?

Now where would I apply for a job like that?

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3 thoughts on “The Gospel of Benny Hinn?”

  1. Why not just start your own cult and take all the money? : )

    True story: I used to work with a Maltese guy, and got into an argument with him about Benny Hinn – I told him I was sure he was South American, but the Maltese guy insisted Hinn was English. It went in circles for a while and took me several minutes to work out that he was talking about Benny Hill…

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