The Masses Forever: “The Camp Of The Saints” — A Book Review

Despite its title, Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints (1973) is a secular novel (and a French one).

In it, masses of people from India are sailing to France to live and to take advantage of the country’s prosperity.  Indeed, Third Worlders everywhere are migrating to Western nations, but with no interest in assimilating.  Secular and religious humanitarian-idealists make up the entity Raspail calls “the beast”, determined to welcome the immigrants into “a framework of international cooperation, socialistically structured.”  They could never use violence against these wretched, destitute souls, and virtually no one else can either.  It is morally intolerable, and yet once France is seized, the country is finished.

Worth noting is that one thing the immigrants clamor for is “one religion,” globally, and it isn’t Christianity.  A multiracial France is a multicultural France, and I am reminded of something I’ve read:  “while multiculturalism is not necessarily antagonistic to religion per se, it is united with Marxism in a hatred of Christianity specifically” (Nat. Review, March 25, 2013).  This is nascent in the new West of Raspail’s novel.

I read The Camp of the Saints very slowly because, being as wordy and detailed as it is, it’s a difficult book.  But it’s also intelligent and fascinating, with much to say to a United States that has recently faced the strange influx of immigrant children without their parents—parents conspiring, maybe, to find a way into the country.


English: French writer Jean Raspail on Septemb...

English: French writer Jean Raspail on September 25th 2010. Français : L’écrivain français Jean Raspail à une dédicace le 25 septembre 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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