The Moon – 89% Full

False color image of the Moon taken by the Gal...
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Well I decided to give the hip opinion a new look… I thought about it while I took a walk around the block for some much needed exercise and while I was staring at the moon.

So, while I was staring at the moon (it’s 89% full) I came up with the idea that the site was getting kinda tired and I wanted to give it a bit of a facelift.

Not that the site is any better.. I just installed a new theme that I found that supports the ad’s and make’s it easy to install them.  Look how pretty those links are! You should visit one!!!

The whole process took about 20 minutes to complete.  The only thing that is bothering me is that for some reason the code for making the text bold or initialized (etc) does not seem to be working…This could be a problem with the theme…  See! This sentence is supposed to be BOLD!


Talk a walk and stare at the moon… At 89% full you can get all kinds of inspiration! :)  Of course it helps that there are tons of free themes out there for this content management software…  Pretty geeky lingo huh?


It's Do-Follow. Feel free to use your kewyword. If ya spam it. I'll probably can it. You dig?

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