Welcome To The IMF – “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”

Again there is an absurd plot, but at least it’s fairly interesting.  However, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015) succeeds on the strength of its utterly captivating adventure set pieces.  A terrorist mastermind’s silly overkill in an opera-house assassination scheme creates some mesmerizing human doings.  A motorcycle chase is long-and-winding exhilaration.

Participating here, and elsewhere, is of course Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, but also newcomer Rebecca Ferguson, a Swedish actress using an imperfect British accent, who is practically the star of the movie.  (But not quite, Tom.)  A real action heroine she is, and she somehow looks like a secret agent.  She has a noirish look.  The acting in Rogue Nation, such as that of Simon Pegg,is winningly successful.

Christopher McQuarrie’s film knows how to cast a spell.

Have fun.


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