What’s Up with MySpace?

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Myspace used to be so cool back in the day.. So popular and everybody was doing it.. Myspacing there friends and hooking up and cheating and all that wacky stuff…

I suppose Facebook was also around then.. I just didn’t know about it..

Facebook quickly overtook myspace as ruler of the social networking…Everybody uses it…Well, almost..

So what does MySpace do? Well they try to compete… Using many of the same types of tools FB uses but as usual it’s all clunky and stuff… Their site simply is not as stable as Facebook is.

I have a music myspace page…. I was using it to network with other musicians here and there… Show them I do have some songs out there.  It USED to work pretty good.

Not anymore…

Myspace seems to have decided and have advertised a complete overhaul of their site to be more active for media and musicians like myself.. Or something like that…  Is it?

Heck no folks… When I go to that site it practically locks up my browser..  Come on there guys… What are you doing? All these wacky animations and people talking to you and silliness..

I keep trying to have faith in that site but they just continue to run me away to other networks… Lots’ of people (and musicians) use that site…  I want to believe but they are making it really hard….

As I said…What’s UP with myspace? Geeze guys…  Less is better.. Ya know?

6 Responses to “What’s Up with MySpace?”

  • I stopped using myspace over 2 years ago. I just got tired of the drama. Indeed, it was SUPER popular but it seems FB has outgrown myspace, far exceeding even the peak of myspace’ popularity. Just about everyone I know has stopped using it in favor of FB.

    I sort of miss it because of the page customization and it’s so different from FB. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Looking at your music page, it also looks completely different from back when I used it. WOW

    Awesome music Dave! I <3 Drunk With a Dream! 😉

    • Thank yo Fiesty Woman!! Drama indeed…Myspace used to be the king of that stuff.. Of course now there’s plenty of it on FB.. I guess it’s all about intentions….They are just websites after all LOL

      That tagged site has kinda replaced the myspace for the costomized profiles and comment images and stuff.. I played around there for awhile.. It’s ALL good.. Ya know?

  • “When I go to that site it practically locks up my browser”

    Lol, it’s the same for me. I think their strength – allowing members to highly customize the pages – is also the reason for their downfall. I will rarely visit the site any more, but if I do it is usually to witness a psychedelic/hallucinogenic nightmare unfold. In slow motion. I don’t use FB or Twitter but at least they load properly if I visit…

  • I think Facebook outplayed myspace because of the things you can do with FB and not in myspace. FB games also have made a great advantage over other social networking sites. Plus, FB is more user-friendly. Anyway, we’ll just have to use the one that suits our taste best. Cheers!

  • I completely agree, I don’t know whether it’s because Facebook and Twitter have taken over or just because MySpace just doesn’t do it for us anymore. I think Myspace has had its day and will eventually die out.

    I haven’t checked my MySpace page in over a year – I checked my Facebook page this morning. I think that says it all!

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