Why Ann Coulter’s Recent Book Is Important

People get sore over claims that there are more than 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  But in her 2015 book, Adios, America!, Ann Coulter describes the research that has conduced to information that not 11 or 12 but rather something like 30 million illegals live in the U.S.  Two analysts from Bear Stearns and two from Time magazine have done this research, and I myself am in no position to consider it sloppy or mistaken.  Yet even if the 30 million figure is nonsense, Coulter is among those who dutifully point to the unsettling crime problem that immigrants both illegal and even legal represent, and thus is doing a valuable service.  Her voice, for example, joins that of the conservative writer who recently indicated that the children, the offspring, of immigrants are committing much more of some felonies than American citizens are.

Most illegal immigrants are decent people who incurred dire poverty in Mexico and other countries.  But the powers that be, Coulter reveals, insist on keeping secrets from the worried natives.  She writes, “Unfortunately, the government won’t tell us how many immigrants commit crimes—much less what their crimes are.”  Adios, America! is important because it informs us that we do not have a federal government (and often a state government) willing to protect us from any and every form of illegal violence that could strike us.  It doesn’t wish to use E-verify or attempt to get illegals to “self-deport.”  It speaks of amnesty and so runs the risk of causing more immigrants to head to the border.  This it does even though border security does exist—yes, under Obama—in large measure.  The violence, the crime, however, is there, which is able to keep Americans from feeling secure within our borders.



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