Why Do Christians Hate Harry Potter?

Christians hate the Harry Potter books. It’s undeniable. Just look at the media reports about how Christian parents around the country are trying to get the book banned from libraries and schools.

Christians hate harry potter

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So, what’s the deal?

Should Christian’s hate Harry? Is that guy gonna bring down hellfire on society.. Lead millions of pre-teens to a everlasting vacation home at the lake of fire?

Do Christian’s really need to go to war with things?
Haha…That’s an idea for another post.. :)

Right now were talking about Harry – The teenage wizard guy.  The magic he does is “satanic” if I’m not mistaken. Black cat’s, ghost’s, haunted houses and evil tree’s and all that.  DEVIL stuff.

Then there’s the Twilight Saga Do Christian’s hate that too?

J. K. Rowling is raking in the millions because she made a deal with the devil. -They met at the crossroads.

Wait, that’s an idea for another post! I’m having a real brainstorm moment here.

Hey, it’s gettin’  kinda  stupid…. Do you agree?  Come on… Let’s dance.

4 Responses to “Why Do Christians Hate Harry Potter?”

  • Betty:

    Yes, do let us begin with a dance. The Yule Ball for example; it didn’t even happen in the books it was something made up for the movie version for heaven only knows why. The wizarding world, including Hogwarts, celebrates Christmas. I will admit that I have not delved so deeply into the Harry Potter world as to know precisely what aspects of Christmas they celebrate but one would assume that by naming the festivities Christmas, they must be referring to the Christian holiday. The author could have used any number of archaic names for that season , she could have made up (as she often did) a name that suited her purposes more precisely than traditional words. She could have used a name for one of the other traditional Gaelic holidays that occur during that same season like Hogmanay or Boxing Day or Samhain or even the Roman but in my view, pagan Saturnalia. Instead she decided they would celebrate Christmas.

    I have read all seven of the Harry Potter books and with the exception of the last one (which I very nearly burned) I thought they were skillfully crafted fantasy fiction suitable for ages 10 and up. The poor parents who want to ban those books have had something slipped into their pumpkin juice.

  • Anonymous:

    Aint read the books…But the movies are awesome…

  • Allison:


  • Allison:

    They are just books. Easy to ignore, easy to keep away from a child.
    If being tempted by Harry Potter is the worst they fear, they must live in a magical world.


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