Blogging, SEO and Google

Hipster BloggerI don’t write about blogging much.  What’s the point? There are thousands of blogs out there about blogging”  They teach about SEO, writing tips, making money, social networking, twitter, blog niche’s etc…

I have actually been working a lot on this blog tonight. Tweaking an old post that I discovered was ranking high in Google.  This was  interesting since the post was only one paragraph long. (more…)

Late Night Blogging

It’s late night blogging here right after a huge Holiday BBQ brisket (pork,turkey, blogna, hotl links) dinner. 

I’m just giving you hipsters a quick little blog post to test scribefire to see how well it’s working these days. I have used this tool before and decided i’d give a little run at it again. With Chrome

Now is it right to be blogging in the middle of the night? Well… Yeah… If you got something to say. 

I DON’T   *Yawn…G’nite Ya’ll 🙂 

Problogger – Method’s of Being a Professional Blogger – and make money?

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I have been blogging since 2003 when blogger first opened and I heard about this new “wave” coming across the Internet. Then I heard about how you can make money blogging. I thought. What the heck? As I studied this further I heard of a guy making “six figures”

Of course I jumped right on in there and started this (and other) blogs.

Now there seems to be TONS of blogs that “teach” you how to become a “professional” blogger.  The most famous would be He comes up right away if you do a search for “blogging” He’s a full time  blogger making over $100,000 per year.

Who can argue with success?

I went straight out to a bookstore and slapped down the $30.00 for his book. I learned a few things.. Implemented many of these suggestions  on this and another site. I had a lot of fun (like I am now) but only earned about $50.00 and it’s a lot of work, so I slowed down on the blogging and pursued other, uh… Hobbies.  (I’ll let you use your imagination)

Now there are 100’s of sites teaching many of the same things that are on the problogger website and book. They all kinda teach the same things.

  • Write fresh and interesting content
  • Use Google (and other) Ad’s
  • Network on Facebook, Twitter etc..
  • Decorate your posts with pictures, video etc
  • Use a “professional” theme (or one that looks like it)
  • Always be focused on a “niche”

Yea, yea…Whatever…  All these sites are basically writing  the same thing. How to “build a better blog” and make money with it. They are called the “A” list. And I have learned a lot from them. I have posted a comment here and there on their sites… No reply.. Why would they want to talk to a guy that’s just writing complete nonsense anyways? Ya know… (worthless opinions)

Then there’s this cat named “Griz” He has a totally different view of how to make money online. He is kinda radical and tends to bag on the “A” list dudes. He has a free blogger site up and claims he can now work a few hours a week and then play golf the rest of the time.

I enjoy following his blog but he doesn’t post much… He’s out on the golf course… You dig?

Now, in my search again, I came across a bloke who explains how it’s REALLY done. On his blog he reveals 3 secrets to a popular blog. Hey now, I can dig it.  I have kinda tried #3 for awhile. (It’s one of Griz’s methods) But I don’t want to work as hard as he did.. I just want to post wacky stuff in my “niche” – Opinion. And like everybody… I got an opinion on EVERYTHING.

Micro Blogging On Facebook

Well, my latest pastime has been microblogging  on facebook and other social networks.. Its  guaranteed reading and often commented on.

I thought that since I am putting considerable energy and effort into this perhaps I should post these status updates here on the blog I own… At least the blog would get more updates.

My latest brainstorm has been the continuing story of My Homeboy Jesus and our adventures.  It is a biblically based fictional storyline that just popped into my head one day.

The fist post got a lot of attention.

My Homeboy Jesus said: How bout ya let Me drive for awhile? I said: What for? He said: Cause I’m a better Driver than you dawg. I said: I dunno… See.. I can drive pretty darn good..Look here…Check, this…out……..CRASH. Right on Bro.. (handed Him the keys)

My second post was ignored (or not commented on)

My HomeBoy Jesus said: You jacked yer car, wassup? I said: I’ll tell ya. I got big plans, you dig? I’m gonna work and work, beg, borrow and save to get this bad boy rolling ASAP. He said: I can get it done for free dawg. I said; What? Come on now? He said. Trust Me Bro…

It may be too “far out” perhaps for some folks to get… Not any more in my opinion than the “Left Behind” series or the book “The Shack”

My ideas for this style of Bible based ramblings continues.. Perhaps I’ll start a new Topic on this storyline and simply post them here, then share it with a link on facebook and elsewhere.

In any case I think I’ll try to post any more other interesting microblogging ideas I come up with here at the Hip Opinion and perhaps explain myself better. I’m not sure folks are getting all this silly stuff.

And of course, it’s for entertainment purposes only 🙂

Is Blogging Useless and Inaccurate?

I'm here..Somewhere.With millions of blogs out there on the internet one has to wonder if what we have to say is useless.  Anybody at anytime can simply post whatever they want. Rather they know what they are talking about or not.

Where do Bloggers get their Info?

Don’t believe everything you read, so they say… Apparently people do have a problem with blogging. But you know this is the new millennium. Everybody knows that the internet is unstoppable.. People like myself are going to be blogging about stuff. OUR OPINIONS! Are my blogs inaccurate? I think not…

Are YOU one of us?

If so I hope are reporting what you  feel is correct… Freedom of speech-All that good stuff