Hipster Christianity?

English: A picture of a modern day hipster

English: A picture of a modern day hipster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw a blogger post a Hipster Christianity quiz on Facebook.  What did I do?

Well, you KNOW I had to go ahead and take the quiz. — Do I qualify?


What? Thats right folks….It told me I was only moderately hip or something.  Can you believe those freakin guys? They said no….. Oh my…

As I was reading the questions I was tempted to take it again. I think I know now what the right answers would be to qualify me as a hipster, uh. religious dude.  Yeah…Thats me 🙂 Well…. Maybe..

That blog is really  nice over there.  I tried to subscribe but it doesn’t seem to work. I know he’s at the top of Google for his term.  I’m guessing the blog is to promote his book.

Hey man, if you stumble  by this post you should get your feed working.  I’d follow it. But then maybe a hipster is not so much into the “social networking” kinda thing.

Wait? He’s on Facebook too! (more…)

Musician Job Interview Questions

Classic Albums Realised in LEGO (Wish You Were...
Image by ….Tim via Flickr

Looking for a job? Well, us musicians may have another approach at dealing with  interview questions than normal humans. Sometimes a Hipster has to be prepared ya know?

It’s pretty tough out there. I was unemployed for quite awhile. It was during this time that that I threw these blogs together. I  thought I’d just sit around and write wacky stuff and get paid.

Not gonna happen

I’d make more working at McDonald’s

So are you prepared when you go to an interview?

I had no idea what kind of questions they would ask.  After doing some research I found these favorites that can be difficult to answer. I will attempt to give it a shot.

Interview Q/A for Musicians

Tell me about yourself.
Well, I’m a spacey guy and I like Pink Floyd

Why should I hire you?
Because I’ll get along famously with all your other employees. The only problem we may have is which radio station to listen to on the assembly line.

What is your long-range objective?
To make your
job easier! You would not have to interview anybody else. And if ya hire me then I can get that new guitar I been checking out.

How has your education prepared you for your career?
My public education was limited, so I supplemented it by studying other subjects on the side. How else would I know so much about the Beatles?

Are you a team player?
Absolutely! When I play  in my band I do my best to make sure we are all playing in the same key.

Have you ever had a conflict with a boss?
Yeah.. A few times. But he usually persuaded me to come along to his way of seeing things – He would show me  company policy statements. Then I would put him on the guest list for our next show.

What is something you would change about your life?
I would have not been so into the old school 60’s acid rock and been more into hair metal.  Like all my musical colleagues  growing up.

If your not a musician you could try a different approach for a job interview.

Like This Guy:

Hipster Dating Sites

Hipster dating sites! That would be the place where you meet all the hipster’s online for a groovy date.  You meet each other there. Hold cyber hands and think pure thoughts.

(I reach out and take your hand.)
Let’s go to a art show!

(Looking at you and smiling)
Rite-on, I think they have a new Constantine Andreou exhibit Link here

Think of the possibilities?

I'm In Like With You.
Image by Rob Boudon via Flickr

2 hipsters  hangin’ online. Sharing opinions on modern art, popular culture and the effects of dogmatic socialism.  It would be like a dream come true for all the hipsters down at the cyber cafe.

Well I was looking around and I found one.  www.hipsterdating.com

I didn’t bother  linking to it.

It’s a domain somebody own’s with a parked page with ad’s. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?  Sound’s like some easy money.

It worked, I clicked an ad.  Go figure.

Being a single dude I just have to contend with my now infamous POF profile.

I wish that site had stat’s for me to check. It would be interesting to know if my profile get’s more hits than the next guy.  Heck, I put all kind’s of work into it.   If I had put as much time into blogging as I did that site I’d probably be on the A-List for bloggers.

I’m thinking about adding a dating extension onto the Hip Opinion.

Like I said, Imagine the possibilities.

What is a Hipster?

What is a Hipster? What are they like? 50% Hipster

  • Sub-culture  freaks
  • Modern thinkers
  • Progressive polices
  • Art appreciation
  • Underground music
  • Quick witted ramblings
  • Thrift store clothing
  • Out dated tennis shoes
  • Critical of mainstream culture
  • Unkempt hair
  • Pretentious
  • Narcissistic
  • Pot heads
  • Cheap import beer
  • Coffee
  • “Crap”  Comic Book
  • Liberal art degree’s
  • Effortlessly cool
  • Buddhism
  • Universal Christianity
  • 2% Body Fat
  • Denial of being a “hipster” (stereotype)
  • Poet’s
  • Non-conformists
  • Independent film
  • 18-30 age range

Look at them – I guess I meet maybe 50% of the requirements.  It’s all a state of mind of course.  Just sayen’

Hipster WordPress Theme

Image via Wikipedia

New WordPress Theme installed.
Oh yes, my homey and computer mentor did the kid a favor and worked up this new theme for the Hip Opinion. It’s a theme that any hipster can dig.

That’s right. Don over at UILabs is a professional web and graphic’s designer (as well as programmer) has  come up with something I can finally be proud of . He makes a living working on computer and also doing side projects for many local companies for  Tulsa web design.  He owns the company 🙂

My adventures in finding a suitable theme has been driving me up the wall. How does a kid have time to blog when he’s so busy studying wordpress theme’s and trying to “make” them work..  Tired of it.

I’m still tweaking at as of writing this post but you get the idea… It’s looking good 🙂  FINALLY

Thanks Don at UILabs (User Interface Laboratories) for redesigning my blog. I’m moving to the next level… You know all the A-Lister’s recommend a “professional” theme… I got it…

Ti’s groovy