Poor Burt: “Starting Over” (1979)

Film poster for Starting Over - Copyright 1979...

Film poster for Starting Over – Copyright 1979, Paramount Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What might be a decent novel is, here, an unsatisfying film.  The script is wobbly, and the strikingly handsome Burt Reynolds, with his star quality, is miscast as an ordinary, somewhat less-than-virile gent.

Starting Over (1979) does effectively focus, though, on the internal psychological ping-pong experienced by divorced and recently unattached people.

Directed by Alan J. Pakula.


Song Of The Soul: “The Song of Bernadette”

Cover of "The Song of Bernadette"

Cover of The Song of Bernadette

The central character in The Song of Bernadette (1943) is a good girl who becomes a devout and holy one.  In Lourdes, France she sees a vision of a lady who eventually says “I am the Immaculate Conception” and so convinces all that she is the Blessed Virgin.  The film, well directed by Henry King, is about changes and revelations related to the soul. . . Really, a Protestant doesn’t know what to make of a pronouncement like “I am the Immaculate Conception,” but this might induce one to contemplate whether all his theological beliefs are true. . .

Although I’ve never read the Franz Werfel novel on which the movie is based, I can declare Bernadette a beautiful and sensitive cinematic work.  Jennifer Jones enacts a spiritual person flawlessly.


Monsters Comin’: Last Night’s “Gotham”

I was never drawn to regularly watching the FOX series, Gotham, but Monday’s season finale was a barn burner.  It was busy but not too busy, with a cliffhanger involving monsters, and everything is at stake!

Also, Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) released his acting chops in a pronounced way.

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